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This is the place to get content articles about Fallen Earth and its potential updates to come in the future. Feel free to check out what has been added/changed since the launch of the game.

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05/20/10 - State of the Game

05/07/10 - Blood Sports Patch v1.4

04/12/10 - State of the Game

02/10/10 - Content Patch v1.3

01/28/10 - State of the Game

01/13/10 - Enhancements to Gameplay Graphics: Part 2

01/07/10 - Enhancements to Gameplay Graphics

12/15/09 - Social Patch v1.2

10/20/09 - New Player Experience Areas in Patch 1.1.0

10/09/09 - State of the Game

09/22/09 - Fallen Earth Announces Launch Today