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S1 Sturdy Bookshelf

Knowledge: Basic Scavenge
Skill: 1


Bad-to-the-Bone Natural Weapons (Very Common)

Scrap Paper (Common)

The Science of Accuracy (Uncommon)
Eat Me: A Cannibal's Manifesto (Uncommon)

Known Locations:

X:4081579, Y:3785001 (Rest Stop)

X:4581416, Y:3746651 (Murphy)
X:4588973, Y:3704728 (Murphy)

X:4350482, Y:4098254 (Pinkston)

X:4994865, Y:4352405 (Trailer Park)

X:4772968, Y:4091709 (Trumbull)

X:4678303, Y:4126832 (Spider Hill)