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Biohazard Symbol My Final Death: Part 2 Biohazard Symbol

I have waited my entire very short life for this moment. I could sense her getting closer. She was nearby, watching me die. It was almost the same then as it was everytime I died, but something was slightly different this time. When I opened my eyes to see the pale beauty of my dreams, she was not there.

Instead, a dark skinned woman stood a few paces from my battered body. Her arms where crossed and she bore a devilish smile. I tried to get up, but I was too weak to move. She started to speak, but my mind went blank from malnurishment.

My eyes opened in an instant. I felt soft sheets over my body, a fluffy pillow under my head, and the scent of disinfectant in the air. There were voices speaking too softly for me to understand. Upon further inspection of my surroundings I could deduct that I was in a hospital ward of some kind. Not like the one the Clinton's have at the farm in Overlook Ridge, this one was actually clean and well kept.

Panic began to settle into my mind. I threw the covers aside and jumped out of the bed. I had to get out of here. This was not how it was supposed to end. I was supposed to die and be united with her, but the woman from my visions was not in this place, this was all wrong.

I would make a run for it, I just had to. A few steps from the door to my freedom, I felt my arm yank me back. A caucasian man dressed in a suit grabbed me. In my frenzy to escape, I must have overlooked him in the corner of the room. I let out a startled cry, but words failed to leap from my tongue.

He sat me down and explained that I was special and that I had been brought here for a reason. I wasn't supposed to die yet. I had work to do, very important work. He spoke for nearly half an hour about how there are good people in the wasteland and that I was to help them prepare for the Day of Reckoning, a time when fellow clones like myself would be free of our torment.

I questioned him, asking who he was, where I was, and why I was chosen. He evaded the first question, but told me that I was at the BFC HQ, or Broken Future Collective Headquarters and that I was chosen not by him, but by a woman.

He nearly shattered me to pieces when he spoke of her. He described the woman from my mind, the woman that appeared everytime I died. She was meant for me, my reason for being. I would one day be reunited with her, but I had work to do, dangerous and tedious work that will claim my life many times over.

What choice did I have?

After agreeing to do his bidding, he took out an injector. I hesitated for a moment, but I let him inject me. I wasn't sure what would happen, but before I knew it, she was there, staring at me like so many times before, but this time she actually spoke to me.

"My love. I know this is hard for you to understand, but one day we will be together again. One day we will hold each other and at that instance you will remember everything. We had and will once again have a life together, but I must ask of you a monumental task. The BFC needs you to scour the wastes in search of a group of people known as Legends. They need your protection and cannot fail in their task. It is because of them that you still live, to aid them and deliver them. I cannot tell you how to do this or what the end result will be, but go with them and once you have delivered them to the Day of Reckoning, I will be yours once again."

It is with her words that I am here now and will always be here to deliver you, my people, to the promised end that we so deserve. I will one day be reunited with my love, this I swear.

Written by JKillz

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