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Is March Over Already?

April 1, 2010 by JKillz

It's very hard to believe that March has come and gone already. Here at the Broken Future Collective, it's been nothing short of busy... busy... and even more busy than expected. We have seen the 1st month of the site's launch and it has been extremely rewarding to get so much positive feedback on how players feel about this site and it's place in the Fallen Earth community.

We know that most of you have advanced beyond the scope of the page's content thus far, but that hasn't stopped you from welcoming us with open arms. We just felt it was appropriate to say thank you for your support and that we have tremendous plans for the future. Heck, we just might catch up to you all someday.

Just to give everyone a brief idea of what is planned, we wanted to share that the month of March was more or less a period of time to get most of the polish put onto the site. The Points of Interest section for the Locations page is an example of that. It helps complete what each particular place may offer. This will be a feature for every town as we progress through Sector 1 and beyond.

Also, some may notice that the inner-site linking project is slowly coming along and a whole lot more is to come in that area. Another area that some polish will be added is easier navigation to previous pages. This may seem simple, but will be painstakingly dull to us, but very rewarding when finished.

Without giving away too much, we also have tons of guides in mind and are finished with the Odenville data collecting but want to release that info with Oilville. Embry Crossroads will come shortly after. Then it's on to Old Kingman and the 3 nearby towns in that area. So don't fret, we are multitasking and while the site gets the polish it needs, we are also busy collecting tons of data and plan to have nearly 200 more items added by the end of April, maybe more, we shall see.

So thank you all again for giving us a huge boost to turn it up a notch here at the BFC and keep your eyes peeled for tons of new and helpful data to make your gaming experience in Fallen Earth that much better.

Take care and 'Do the clone thing!'