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Not everything in the wasteland is out to kill you, in fact some inhabitants see some value in keeping you around, if only just a little.Some may want you to do their dirty work or to spend the last of your hard earned chips. Others are just lonely and like to chatter when the urge calls for it. Feel free to explore and see what some of your fellow survivors have to offer, whether it be trade, a job, or conversation.

Note: Since merchant prices are effected by Charisma/Social levels, listed prices will simply be a guideline.

2nd Note: Since there are many merchants that sell identical items for the same price, merchant price pages will be generic unless the merchant has lower/higher than normal prices or sells something out of the ordinary. Generic merchant price lists will be tier based with 'Tier 1' being the lowest level and increasing as the merchant listed improves the quality of their stock.

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