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Clan Database - check out some of the awesome clans found in Fallen Earth.

Feel free to visit the following sites and explore what they have to offer. - The main page for the MMORPG Fallen Earth by Icarus Studios. - This is a great news site with tons of featured articles for Fallen Earth. We give a special thanks to these great folks for featuring us in one of their articles and hope to see much more from them in the future. - If you are looking for the funny side of the wasteland then look no further than Fallen Mirth. - This is the premier map site available from Canyon Trader. There is also a lot of other great info to be found here. - A great item database, especially if your looking for the merchant that sells the item you need. - Psychic's Online Character Planner is great for calculating character setups and will help you decide how to spend those precious APs. - Wasteland News is self proclaimed as the wasteland's most reputable news source. - LifeNet is the provider of the Fallen Earth Podcast where they bring you player and developer information. - Post Apoc Radio is the official radio station for the end of the world. - Fallen Earth Roleplayers is a place for players to congregate and swap tales. - Fallen Earth Bloggers is a community blog for players to share their experiences and opinions of the game. - F.E. Wasteland is a crafting focused site with mission info as well. - This site is a great resource if you need information about mutations, abilities, weapons, and armor. - Follow along with Slim Jammies live video feeds, a photo blog of his grand canyon trip, and stories of his adventures. - Is what some may call the TV station of the Wasteland. Check out some awesome videos and other great content at this site. - This site has a listing of pages made by Aika Tears for Fallen Earth, check'em out. - This wiki is a great resource for players. Check it out, also has a great achievements section. - The TAO Wiki is one of the best mutations and skills resources out there and also features tons of other stuff. - This site takes a new twist on wasteland exploration, searching out all those little easter eggs and pop-culture references tucked away in the game! - Demonville Radio as the name implies is a radio station for those traveling the wastes. Tune in for their party every Wednesday at the Hump Day Hide-Away Hoedown, hosted by Jason Vader.