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Bolster Bolster - Increases adrenalin production, improving your Strength and Coordination for a decent period.

Disrupt Disrupt - Causes the target's nerve synapses to fire randomly, temporarily lowering Dexterity and Coordination.

Gird Gird - Focuses nerves on fine motor control instead of pain recognition, improving Endurance and Coordination for an extended period.

Patch Patch - Activates repair colonies of nanites beneath the skin, restoring some Health instantly.

Quicken Quicken - Focuses concentration, increasing Dexterity, Coordination, and Perception.


Empower - Causes nearby team members to feel refreshed, restoring both Health and Stamina.

Benevolence - Floods a nearby target's body with healing nanites, restoring a great deal of Health.

Preservation - Directs nanites to improve specific body processes, removing disease, poison, bleeding, chemical fire, and cold effects.

Priority - Allows the user to rapidly heal wounds.

Restoration - Restores a dead or dying teammate to life.

Sympathy Pains - A Shielding Mutation that causes an attacking opponent to suffer psychic damage while attacking.


Ablate - Stabilizes the effects of energy on the user's body, enhancing their armor against fire, cold, electricity, and radiation damage.

Calibration - Projects a protective force field around nearby teammates, increaing armor against crushing, piercing, slashing, and ballistics attacks.

Dissolve - Converts air particles around the target into an acid, inflicting chemical damage on the target over time.

Regenerate - Improves the recovery rate of Health and Stamina for an extended period of time.

Reinforce - Induces temporary physiological alterations, such as thickening skin and denser bones, which greatly increases armor against piercing, slashing, crushing, ballistic attacks.

Resilience - Increases resistances to all manner of negative effects for a short duration.


Cannibalize - Uses nanites to drain a target's Health and Stamina to restore the user's Gamma.

Filtration - Cleans and monitors the user's blood, lungs, and lymphatic system, removing disease, poison, bleeding, chemical fire, and cold conditions.

Reconstruction - Revives nearby team members that are dead or dying, by rebuilding the minimum components of their bodies and jump-starting the nervous system.

Self-Repair - Swiftly seals wounds, restoring some Health to the user.

Vital Osmosis - Expends some energy to restore Health to an injured ally.


Accelerated Recovery - Combines positive visualization and reconstructive nanites to gift a nearby target with rapid Health recovery for a short time.

Ignore Pain - Dulls the target's sensation of pain, while boosting the target's Health above normal limits.

Mind Over Matter - Reinforces the link between body and mind, generating an aura that heals nearby allies.

One Mind, No Affliction - Removes disease, poison, bleeding, chemical, fire, and cold effects from nearby team members.

Psionic Shock - Overloads the target's mind with psionic "white noise", causing excruciating pain and stunning them for a moment.

Renew Consciousness - Restores consciousness to an incapacitated target, improving Health and Stamina.


Antibody - Produces chemical compounds within the body to make the user resistant to infections and toxins, increasing armor against diseases, poisons, chemicals, and radiation.

Debilitating Weakness - Induces a fever in the target that weakens Strength and Endurance temporarily.

Patient Zero - Tailors virulent contagion to the immune system, causing disease damage to all targets nearby.

Sapping Sickness - Similar to the fever unleashes by Debilitating Weakness, this version drains Stamina and leaves the target with temporarily reduced Endurance.

Shaking Plague - Robs a target's motor control, slowing them and temporarily lowering Dexterity and Coordination.

Wracking Pains - Inflicts a parasite on the target, damaging it temporarily.


Cold Snap - Lowers target's body temperature, reducing their Coordination.

Hypothermia - Slowly freezes the air in the lungs of a single target, doing temporary damage.

Lighter Fluid - Excites air molecules around a target, increasing susceptibility to fire damage.

Molotov Mutation - Buffets a single enemy with waves of intense heat for a short time.

Regenerative Fever - Rapidly burns away toxins and impurities in an ally's bloodstream, removing disease, poison, bleeding, chemical, fire, and cold effects and restoring some Health.

Scorching Rebuke - Sheathes the user in super-heated particles, injuring anyone that strikes them in melee combat.


Alacrity - Gently pushes an ally along, increasing speed for a few moments.

Ambient Absorption - Sucks in Gamma energy from the user's surrounding, increasing Gamma regeneration temporarily.

Forced Restraint - Uses telekinetic power to immobilize a target and reduce their Dexterity.

Kinetic Curtain - Protects teammates within ten yards from crushing, slashing, piercing, and ballistic attacks for a few minutes.

Kinetic Shield - Similar to Kinetic Curtain, this power increases only the user's armor against crushing, slashing, piercing, and ballistic attacks.

Repel - Knocks all nearby foes away from the user, injuring them with the shock wave.


Convert Energy - Converts energies of the user's Mutations directly into Health and Stamina.

Denial - Suppresses the effects of the other Mutations on the user, removing afflications of all sorts.

Energy Blitz - Directly and uncontrollably pours Gamma into nearby enemy targets, damaging Health and Stamina.

Equalizer - Inhibits the target's actions, reducing their Attributes temporarily.

Sap Stamina - Drains a surge of Stamina from the target, granting it to the user of the power.

Siphon Energy - Drains a surge of Gamma from the target, which the user then gains.

Sonic Influence:

Catastrophic Dissonance - Shockwave of sound that causes damage to nearby targets, vibrating their organs and stunning them temporarily.

Devastating Shockwave - Weakens the structural integrity of defensive items, reducing the slashing, piercing, crushing, and ballistic armor of nearby targets.

Equilibrium Shock - Plays on the weaknesses of the inner ear, reducing Perception and Coordination of a single nearby target.

Insuloation - Absorbs incoming kinetic force, temporarily increasing the crushing, piercing, slashing, and ballistic armor of the user.

Rending Vibration - Sets up a resonant vibration in the target, dealing continual damage for a period of time.

Sonic Lance - Fires a spike of sound into a nearby target, doing significant damage.


Beast Might - Taps into animalistic impulses of the brain, increasing Strength and Endurance.

Feral Grip - Floods the body with adrenaline, increasing Strength and Coordination.

Hawkeye - Focuses the user's eyesight and concentration, improving Dexterity and Perception.

Longstride - Reduces the buildup of lactic acids in the legs, granting the user a burst of speed.

Missing Link - Similar to Hawkeye, this improves Perception and grants increased Coordination.

Wild Heart - Improves the flow of oxygen in the blood, increasing Stamina regeneration.