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Broken Future - The Guide to the Apocalypse is an all encompassing fansite for the MMORPG Fallen Earth by Icarus Studios. As a newly spawned organ sack, you will be in need of assistance on your journey to discover your purpose in this bold new world. Within this site, you will be provided with the information needed to enhance your experience in the Grand Canyon Province.

  • Database - Contains vital facts about the enormous amount of items, places, missions, enemies, and more found within Fallen Earth.

  • Stats - Important details about all the capabilities your character has.

  • Storylines - The history and lore of the Grand Canyon Province in all its glory.

  • Guides - These have been assembled to make your life easier in the wasteland.

  • Tips - A collection of helpful bits that even the seasoned player may find useful.

  • Extras - This site also contains articles, media, links, and other useful resources to enhance your Fallen Earth experience.



11/08/10 - FE Machinima Contest brought to you by GlobalTech Atlas & Broken Future!

Congratulations to Gideonkain with the video titled "A Horse with No Name" and great job all around to all our entrants. Go to the FE Forums thread titled: Vote for the FE Machinima Contest Winner and check out how the voting went. Thanks to all you wasteland movie makers!


Fallen Earth Database Progress

Site Status Report: Massive update to the Harvesting & Scavenging Guide, including over 10 new node types and/or levels and over 100 waypoints added to new and existing nodes to cover all of S1. Added a Repeatable Mission List covering all of S1, revised the Miscellaneous Tips section to make all tips current and added in several new tips, updated the Vehicle Database to include all mounts/vehicles craftable up to level 60 nature & science. Added the PvP Debuff Guide and a S1 Gas Station Map with over 40 gas stations listed to the Garage Locations page. Added Night Wolves to the Group Section, updated the Guide to Waypoints to include how to access your waypoints gamefile, finished inner-linking for all the Missions pages and made lots of minor adjustments, corrections, and additions throughout the site.

Soon to come: Data collection for Sunshine Corners nearly completed, the addition of multiple guides & lists such as the Also Counts As List, complete Tier 4 of the Human Drop Table, inner-site linking for enemies section, updates to the Stats section, tons of data to be added to the Storylines section, more Official and Fan fiction, revision of the Links page, and much more. We will keep you posted when new information is made available.



9/26/10 - New Toro Takeover Event brought to you by Broken Future!

This event was in celebration of FE's one year anniversary. It was a massive success and we invite all of you to check out the full summary to see how things went down!


Important Side Notes

Special Thanks: We're very proud to announce that Broken Future has been included onto the Fallen Earth Fan Sites page and want to thank Pixistix & the rest of the community management team for giving us a chance to help out the players of this awesome game.

Contest: We held the 2nd Wastelander Knowledge Check during the Cinco de Mayo party at Embry Crossroads and had a blast. Feel free to check out the Contest Winners.

Special Thanks: The Broken Future Collective would like to give a huge thanks to the awesome folks over at massively.com for including us in one of their excellent articles titled "Wasteland Diaries: Try not to be such a noob" by Edward Marshall.


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Fallen Earth Clans: Check out this FE forum thread about the opportunity to have your clan listed in our Clan Database. This thread is open to the public, so check it out if you are apart of a clan and would like to sieze this opportunity.

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We've been working hard to eliminate the various threats in the Plateau.


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The data collected and displayed within this database is due to the collaborative efforts of a secret society known as the Broken Future Collective. We pride ourselves on discretion, preferring to use our army of clones to do the field work necessary to gather the knowledge provided in our database. The leadership of the BFC will continue to lurk in the background until the time is right to announce our true identities, but fear not, we only seek to understand how life manages to exist in the Grand Canyon Province and will do our part to preserve it when required to maintain the balance.

Trouble yourself not on who we truely are, but on how you can make a difference in this harsh world you inhabit. In our efforts to ensure the race of humans lives on, we freely provide you with our findings. It is not easy gathering such data and many clones have already paid with their lives, but since we have control over a LifeNet facility of our own, we can replenish the ranks in a short time.

Some of your kind have asked on many occassions what they can do to help the BFC meet its goal of being the most detailed database in existence. Our answer is simple; share with your fellow clones the existence of this resource and use it to carve your place in this land. Together, we can achieve the impossible and restore some hope that the future of the world is worth fighting for no matter how broken it may be.