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Armor Use:

Buckle_Down Buckle Down - Enhances the user's armor temporarily.

Dreadnaught Dreadnaught - A toggle power that increases the Defense and Armor Use Skills while it remains active.

Efficiency and Equilibrium - Tech-specific Ability that increases the user's armor and speed at the cost of damage output.

Evasive Maneuvers - Enforcer Ability that increase defense of the user whenever it is activated.

Knockdown Knockdown - Knocks the user's opponent off their feet.

Pain Sponge - CHOTA specific Ability that increase the user's armor, defenses, and damage.

Pinpoint_Vulnerability Pinpoint Vulnerability - Reduces armor of the target, increasing the damage output of the user.

Soak_Elements Soak Elements - Improves the user's armor against elemental damage effects.

Unstoppable - The pinnacle of the Armor Use Skills, this increases the power of the user's armor and improves speed and effectiveness of damage.


Body_Toughening Body Toughening - Increases the user's Endurance for its duration.

Dash Dash - Grants a burst of speed temporarily at the price of lowering Skills useful for attacks.

Fitness - A CHOTA specific Ability that boosts Strength, Coordination, Endurance, and Dexterity.

Marathon Marathon - A toggle land-travel Ability that increases the user's speed, at a cost to Defense and Attack Skills.

Reflexes Reflexes - The user is given a moderate boost to Dexterity.

Roll with the Punches - Grants a small boost to the user's saving throws.

Second_Wind Second Wind - Vastly lowers the user's defenses and speed, but boosts Stamina regeneration temporarily.

Shake_It_Off Shake It Off - Removes bleed, crush, pierce, poison, and disease effects.

Vigor Vigor - Grants a temporary boost to the user's Strength.


Autumn Leaves - Lightbearer granted Ability that increases ranged defenses and speed.

Duck and Weave - Lowers defenses in hand-to-hand situations but raises ranged defenses.

Escape Escape - Increases the user's speed and ranged defenses for a short time.

Low Profile - Lessens hostility from others while temporarily raising a user's ranged defenses.

Smoke Screen - Enforcer Ability that raises ranged defenses a great deal and melee defenses slightly.

First Aid:

Extended_Care Extended Care - Increases Hit Point regeneration for an extended period of time.

Fortify Fortify - Improves Endurance, Dexterity, and Stamina regeneration.

Pressure_Points Pressure Points - Stunning attack that reduces the target's Coordination and Strength.

Refresh - Causes a short burst of Stamina regeneration.

Resuscitation - Brings a fallen ally back to consciousness.

Sand and Stone - Lightbearer power that heals an ally while increasing their armor against poison, disease, radiation, and crushing damage.

Stanch_Wound Stanch Wound - Increases Health regeneration and removes bleed effects.

Suck_It_Up Suck It Up - Cleanses the user or nearby ally of bleed, crush, and pierce effects.

Treat_Disease Treat Disease - Cleanses the user or nearby ally of disease effects.

Treat_Poison Treat Poison - Cleanses a nearby ally of poison effects.

Group Tactics:

Combat_Endurance Combat Endurance - This ability helps to boast the stamina of the target.

Defensive_Coordination Defensive Coordination - This toggle increases the defenses of the user and allies.

Encouragement - Heals a nearby ally.

Give'em Hell - Buffs the damage output of nearby allies.

Hold the Line - Group buff that increases armor, saves, and defenses, improving the survivability of the user and allies.

Inspiration - Enforcer specific Ability that increases damage output and saves of the user and allies.

Lead the Charge - Enforcer Ability that increases speed and defenses of an ally while focusing the attention of the opposition on the user.

Offensive_Coordination Offensive Coordination - This toggled version of Give'em Hell increases damage output.

Organize Organize - This toggle increases speed and saves of nearby allies.

Overwhelm Overwhelm - Lowers the saves and defenses of nearby opposition, increasing the effectiveness of the user and allies.

Rally Rally - Increases Health and Stamina temporarily, reducing downtime between firefights.

Suppresive_Attack Suppressive Attack - Reduces potential damage an enemy can inflict, at the cost of lessening the damage a user inflicts.


Brutalize - CHOTA specific Ability that injures a target, knocks them down, and temporarily reduces their resistance to damage.

Cripple Cripple - Reduces speed of opponents, keeping them from fleeing or pursuing effectively.

Defensive_Fighting Defensive Fighting - Toggle that increases the user's Melee Defense and speed, at the cost of reducing ranged defenses.

Feint Feint - Temporarily lowers defenses and armor of a foe, allowing the user and allies to increase the damage they inflict.

Knife Hand Strike - Lightbearer specific Ability that stuns the opponent, opening their defenses to further attack.

Lingering_Wound Lingering Wound - Cuts and bleeds Health from an opponent.

Payback - A crushing attack that also lowers the defenses of the target.

Pierce_Armor Pierce Armor - Tears through the armor of the target, temporarily reducing effectiveness of the enemy's armor.

Provoke Provoke - Helps convince an enemy to attack you while lowering its defenses.

Reckless Attack - Toggle Ability that increases damage and reduces the user's capability to absorb injuries.

Smash Smash - This basic Melee Attack deals crushing damage.


Desperado - A high-damage pistol attack that sacrifices Defense Skill.

Gun to a Knife Fight - Traveler toggle Ability that enhances survivability and damage when fighting with pistols in the middle of melee combat.

Gunfighter Gunfighter - Toggle that increases the user's ranged defenses.

Perforate - Tech Ability that delivers piercing damage, temporarily sucking away Stamina from the target.

Pistol_Whip Pistol Whip - Smacks your opponent in the face with the butt of your pistol.

Smoking Sabot Round - Tech specific Ability that uses phosphorous-laden rounds to burn your enemy and obscure your opponent's vision with smoke.

Staggering_Shot Staggering Shot - A quick shot to the gut, designed to slow an enemy down.


Agonizing_Wound Agonizing Wound - Inflicts ballistic damage, applies a mild snare to the victim and forces their health regeneration to zero for the duration of the effect.

Precise_Aim Precise Aim - Toggle reduces speed and defenses, but it increases the amount of damage dealt.

Puncture Puncture - Opens a vien, causing continual Health loss.

Rifle Smash - Useful for close encounters, this Melee Attack is good for warding off foes.

Unbreakable_Focus Unbreakable Focus - Increases the damage the user deals at the cost of the user's defenses.


Boisterous_Boast Boisterous Boast - Increases Melee, Pistol, and Rifle Skills for nearby team members for one minute.

Flag of Truce - Lets the user enter an enemy faction's territory unharmed.

Inconspicuous - Reduces the threat enemy creatures feel from the user, while increasing the user's Dodge and Melee Defense.

Infuriate Infuriate - Taunts a single target, increasing the user's threat and reducing target's speed for up to fifteen seconds.

Laughable_Offense Laughable Offense - Reduces the target's Melee, Pistol, and Rifle skills for up to thirty seconds.

Mockery of Impotence - Reduces the target's regeneration rates for Health, Stamina, and Gamma.

Pathetic_Defense Pathetic Defense - Reduces the target's Dodge and Melee Defense for up to thirty seconds.