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A Month of Mayhem

June 2, 2010 by JKillz

With each passing month we learn new and nifty things. May was no exception. With the release of Blood Sports this past month, the wasteland saw some cool and interesting ways to kill our fellow clones. If you haven't already tried the new Blood Sports, give it a shot. If PVP isn't your thing, then try it one more time. This new system has been a blast for us here at the BFC and we encourage everyone to participate. If killing your fellow clone wasn't good enough, you also get piles of Death Toll as well, its a win-win. To make it sweeter, there are acheivements, Deadfall, Blight Wolf mounts, and tons more, what else can they push out in a single patch, it's pure bliss!

This past month was also a growing experience for us as we became more involved with the community on many levels. We held our 2nd Wastelander Knowledge Check contest on Cinco de Mayo and also ran our first official Broken Future event at Kingman Prison. We couldn't stop there either, with the release of the Clan Database, we got the priviledge of getting to know some of the organized clans within the game better. A special shout-out has to go the fine folks at the 47th and we are now aligned with the Legends of the Fall as a partner in our ventures to improve the life of clones within both of our organizations. We also had a chance to meet and become friends with Slim Jammies of the Pixel Junkies fansite and look forward to hanging out with him in the future. So all-in-all, we have been having a great time getting to know our fellow clones and look forward to much more interaction.

As for the database and its progress, we have come a long way from our initial launch which had mainly covered just the starter towns, but now we're almost done with Kingman View and working on Ascendent Ridge. Once that is complete, we'll have less than half of S1 left to cover. This has us pretty excited since we plan to go back over every inch of the site when S1 is complete and really focus on pumping out some of the really cool guides we've been planning on and then its on to S2!

So as you probably can figure out, we're not just about having an awesome time playing the game, but we also have tons of work to bring you the most detailed Fallen Earth Database out there and we're not letting up one bit. We also have some more events and contests planned for the future, so keep an eye out as we will clue you in when more details are available.

In the meantime, take care and 'Do the clone thing!'