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Summer Time

July 01, 2010 by JKillz

Well, June has come and gone and man was it a ton of fun!

As for the site, it has been growing quite substantially. The time it takes to embark on this type of venture has been feeling very rewarding with some many people sharing kind words about the effort here at the BFC. We've got to admit that it was not easy persisting this far, but one challenge at a time has brought us closer to the finishing of sector 1.

Speaking of S1, we're actually almost done collecting the data needed to rollout the location pages for all of Ascendant Ridge and Mowbray Basin. This has been a much faster pace than originally anticipated, but the real challenge is finding the time to include all of this vital data into the site. We plan to get most, if not all, of it on the site before the end of this month, so that will be quite a feat, leaving us with only Trailer Park, Trumbull, and Spider Hill.

Special thanks as well to Heero and the LifeNet Fallen Earth Podcast team, I personally really enjoyed the chance to hang out with the guys and look forward to future interactions with them inside and outside the game. So kudos to them for their hard work!

In the meantime, take care and 'Do the clone thing!'