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Sector 1 Complete

September 06, 2010 by JKillz

Yet another month has passed and we must admit that August was a trying month. With vacations, birthdays, and special events tying up much of our free time, its a miracle that we managed to get so much done on the site. We know that those of you that follow this fansite usually grow out of our guides and database info once you're close to done with S1, but we're extremely appreciative of all your support to see us go beyond the boundaries of the Plateau.

With that said, we're very pleased to announce that if we stay on schedule, we'll be Sector 1 Complete by end of the month! We only have a few towns left to enter into the database and then it's time to shift gears to other areas of the site. We seriously have about 40 different guides and lists planned, but with the push to get S1 finished, we've been putting these extra features aside. This is for better or worse, but at least we'll soon be able to turn our focus onto the guides, tips, stats, and other vital parts of the site that make your gaming experience much more enjoyable.

We also want to share that some areas of the site that haven't seen much attention will begin to receive more love. The Storylines section is one that comes to the top of our list. We have collected a ton of data & stories, now we just have to organize them and share with you all. There will also be more polish going into the site over the next 2 months, with inner-site linking and a few tweaks to make it easier to view and navigate. Another important internal topic for the BF team is revenue. We've been a purely self-funded site, paying for the hosting and a few other minimal expenses out of pocket. We have a plan for limited ads on the site to help cover the cost and also fund a couple future costs we plan to incur with a new feature or two on the site. The plan will also make sure these few ads will not be in the way, no pop-ups, and will be relevant to gaming and such to avoid all the junk we tend to cringe at.

So that's a few of the plans we have and we would like to continually thank the Legends of the Fall clan for continued assistance in our endevour as well as a specific member named Joomamma/Leadreceptical for his personal contributions, thank you all so much!

In the meantime, take care and 'Do the clone thing!'