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State of the Game

January 28, 2010 from

Hi Wastelanders!

With just over four months since launch, we wanted to pause for a moment and give everyone an update on where we are and where we're going with development.

We've seen the release of an extended new player experience, player camp system, gambling, taverns, and dramatic graphical improvements including upgrades to sky, fog, terrain and ground cover, not to mention countless tweaks and bug fixes! We've worked hard to deliver great new content while listening to the community and adjusting where needed. We opened free trials to fans and invited older clones back into the fight.

In the first large content patch of the New Year, Version 1.3, players will explore the frontier, reactivating old GlobalTech technology as they venture into the far reaches of Kaibab Forest to an area called Deadfall Point. Housing some of the old terraforming towers, Deadfall may hold the key to pushing back the radiation zone and tracking down odd LifeNet signals coming from the wastes. The area will raise the level cap by one and extend crafting, gear, and abilities for players to discover. Additionally, the Plateau will see an influx of threatening and dangerous creatures and raiders. A new Salvager Camp between Westreach and Embry Commonwealth challenges any band of clones brave enough to face them. The wilderness of the Plateau will continue to attract new unknown dangers with future patches.

In Version 1.4, the mysteries of Deadfall Point continue to unravel in the region of Deadfall as the radiation boundaries are pushed back and new settlements emerge. Why have old LifeNet systems reactivated? Who (or what) have they produced? Players will answer these questions and more as they increase their level cap by an additional four levels (bringing the total to 50) and continue to extend crafting, gear, and abilities. Players may even be able to ride some of the mutated creatures in this area! Back in the Plateau, Central Plains and Embry Commonwealth will continue to see more deadly creatures take over the wilderness. Players will also see the addition of a deeper item decay and new overcharging system.

Version 1.5 soaks everything in blood. The Bankers capitalize on clones to turn a profit as they set up the Blood Sports league, pitting players against each other in arenas and head-to-head conflicts as they scrap for glory and chips. As players fight in Blood Sports, clans will be able to wage war on a global scale. If the PvP action isn't enough to get your heart pumping, we are cranking up combat by evaluating animations, reactions, AI, and any area we think can improve the immersion and adrenaline during combat. Additionally, a deep Achievement system will allow players to chronicle and proudly display their feats in the apocalypse.

We're sure there are some features wastelanders may be looking for that aren't directly on this list. We have several projects on the table, but many are not solid enough to tie to a particular patch number yet. Included on this list are respecs, revisions to death toll, and veteran rewards. Expect to see more dev journals on these features as we get closer to implementation.

There's a lot of meat in here for y'all to chew on. We absolutely love this game and the community and we want to continue to increase the content while amping up the adrenaline in the apocalypse wherever possible. We are appreciative of how our player base has embraced the game and the setting. From the in-game help to the forums to the independent sites like GlobalTech Atlas, Fallen Tears, and Lagwar, you've made Fallen Earth what it is. As with any indie MMO, we depend heavily on word of mouth to bring new players in-so tell your friends! We need you to help us build this into the long-lasting community that you want to see! Thank you again for all of your continued support through launch and the New Year!

See you in the Wasteland!