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Content Patch v1.3

February 10, 2010 from

Fallen Earth, LLC is pleased to announce the release of their latest content patch, v.1.3, which extends the current level cap and expands gameplay with the addition of a new Sector Three base camp and revamp of the Sector One starter town area.

"Our goal for this project was to make gameplay more enticing and challenging for new Sector One players as well as our veterans in Sector Three who have reached level 45," said Project Manager, Colin Dwan.

The patch adds a new level of content-raising the level cap from 45 to 46-by introducing a new base camp in the higher level area of Sector Three. The new camp, Deadfall Point, will provide over 50 new missions, a dozen new encounter areas, nine new craftable items, including a slew of weapons and consumables, several irradiated creatures and a new storyline. New instances have also been incorporated, making way for new "veteran" creatures, which operate similar to bosses and "hazard" creatures which players will want to avoid.

"The purpose of Deadfall Point is to encourage players to assist in pushing back the radiation boundaries, acquiring access to the Deadfall territory, which mysteries will unravel later this year with patch v1.4," said Dwan.

The patch also introduces phase one of a starter town revamp, designed to encourage more player exploration and heighten the elements of fear and challenge. Rather than altering starter towns themselves, which would modify gameplay for new players, developers took a look at the areas between several starter and central towns in a portion of Sector One, specifically the Westreach Overlook area.

"The regions between starter towns are areas where players venture through on a regular basis, so it made sense to incorporate new content in the barren spaces," said Dev Team Lead, Marie Croall. "The appearance of higher-level creatures, new conflicts and extended storylines enriches the area."

The revamp includes more than a dozen new encounter areas and several creatures typically found in higher-level territories of Sectors Two and Three.

The content patch is the first of several developments planned for 2010, offering a glimpse at what is in store for the new year.