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Social Patch v1.2

December 15, 2009 from

Life in the apocalypse just got better as FALLEN EARTH, LLC announced the release of their new social patch, v1.2, adding many new and interactive social elements to gameplay, including a new tradeskill, social hubs and in-game Blackjack and slot machines.

The addition of a Construction tradeskill now grants players the ability to assemble a variety of camps, allowing players to spawn NPCs, check in-game mail and gain vault access all without having to travel back into a town. Camps can also be constructed near PvP zones, enabling factions to buff and gear up before battle.

"Our goal for this patch was to create a more group-oriented environment, providing more places both in towns and in the wilderness for players to socialize," said Fallen Earth Project Manager, Colin Dwan. "Players now have the option to visit a number of taverns or utilize the new camp system to build their own social gathering sites."

The social patch also introduces taverns, or "Bunker Bars," which are underground locations where players are able to mingle with other online players, enjoy in-game sustenance and one of the Traveler faction's favorite pastimes, Blackjack and slots. Using the machines, players can potentially win or lose in-game white chips. As with camps, players who spend enough time in the taverns will also receive a special buff.

"Increasing the number of available social hubs has been something we've been exploring for a while. We are very excited to deliver this new content!" said Dwan.

Coinciding with the new social patch, Fallen Earth has also announced the start of their special holiday extravaganza, "First Night." Set to run until January 1, First Night is a holiday celebration incorporating many Pre-Fall holiday traditions. During the event, players will have the opportunity to visit special mission hubs and receive in-game holiday items such as Eggnog, Champagne, Mistletoe and Gift Boxes.