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Locations - Canyon Overlook

Not too far from The Oasis and Sunshine Corners is a peaceful looking place called Canyon Overlook. It is a tranquil locale that provides a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. There is only one minor problem, well a bunch of minor problems... Scorpions... They have overrun the once beautiful area and anyone that comes within range is destined to get a close-up of their stingers. The Riley's are not willing to see what it feels like, but are hoping a brave soul may stumble upon them as they ponder helplessly on the side of the road without a drop of gas in their tank.


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Brief Background

There are not too many things worse than running out of gas in the wasteland, but when a guy that you picked up that was supposed to help you turns into a total psycho and steals your rifle, then charges into a scorpion infested overlook never to be seen again, it leaves you to wonder how you got into such a predicament. This is the story of the Riley's as they are stuck on the side of the roadway near Canyon Overlook. If you see them on your journey to Sunshine Corners, consider lending them a hand if you have time to spare.

Canyon Overlook is a very small place, but the threat posed by the scorpions is large enough to keep the Riley's at bay. They swarm the area and make it an uninviting place to visit. Not far from here is Brightview, an even more hostile place filled with Rotters and Infected, but at least they are content to stay with in the city and leave the Riley's alone.

Since this area is quite small and on the edge of the canyon, very little is here for scavengers and resources collectors, but the local area of the Plateau-Northfields Wastes has quite a few hidden treasures. Also, Brightview is not far away and the burnt out shell of a town has quite a few junk piles that might be worth checking out if you can stand all those Rotters and Infected drooling down your neck.