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Locations - Coppermine

Coppermine is a pretty busy town in the Mowbray Basin. It is in fact much more active as of late due to the Judge incursion up north in Pinkston. This has resulted in a large number of refugees fleeing south to escape the Judge's persecution. Adding to the growing population, Gaunt's Raiders that have been deserting from Old Kingman are also moving into Coppermine looking for a chance to start over. As the name of the town implies, it has a huge mining operation running out of the side of the plateau. Unfortunately, Judges and giant insects have been stirring up quite the mess lately, forcing much of the miners out of work and the local town guard into a constant high-alert state. It is nothing like it used to be in Coppermine and now opportunity is knocking for any adventurous clone to answer.


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Brief Background

Coppermine has a lot going on lately. James Sturbridge is in charge of the town's defense and has his hands tied with the Judges and the fiasco up at the mine. He'll pay handsomely to anyone able to lend a hand. During you time assisting James Sturbridge, you will likely come across the Judge deserters in the tunnel north of Coppermine. They will explain why the Judges are in the area and will request your help if you can look beyond their past actions. There is plenty more going on in town. Jessica Wiss is in charge of the mining operation and will definitely keep you busy tending to the wounded and helping to prevent further harm to the townsfolk. Much more work needs to be done, so plan on sticking around for a little while.

Judges are the main focus as far as threats are concerned in Coppermine. They have a few camps in the area and have been making a lot of trouble for the town. They have even made their way into the local mine, digging into its depths for relics that they believe will aid their faith. Besides the radical Judge infestation, the mine is also being overrun with giant bugs. They have a massive queen deep within and have been making a mess of the miners that unknowingly go to far into the insect's lair. Lastly, there are some of the typical wildlife, but Blight Wolves and Coppermaw Sandworms have also been seen in larger than normal numbers in the area.

Resource gatherers may not find Coppermine to be to most ideal place to scavenge, but there are some clusters of scavengeable goods and natural plants to be had. The main draw for this area though is the mine. It is loaded with copper, iron, lead, and chemical deposits. In fact, it is so heavily laden with these resources, that it is sometimes a highly contested area, what with all the crawlers and Judges laying claim to it. Finally, hunter types can make themselves busy going for the Blight Wolves and Sandworms that have been growing in number in the area.