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Locations - Depot 66

Depot 66 is a Traveler town built near an old train station. It is under the influence of Boss Enzo Scarpelli. He is not the only powerhouse here though. Suki Oonishi is the head of the Bleeding Orchid Garden and is trying to muscle in on the profits gained in Depot 66. Besides that, there have been recent trouble with Gully Dog bandits, Judges, and Lightbearers, but the Act Surprised Amphitheater in the heart of town provides a getaway from these troubles. While here, also check out the dinosaur amusement park!


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Brief Background

Depot 66 has quite a bit to offer if your looking to spend some time here. It is a town of the arts for the performers out there. Pete Povish and Terence Bonaventure need help setting up their acts and will manage to drag you into the local politics at the same time. Be sure to chat with Bing Tangelo as well, he has been mentioning a secret location to a Malibu dream house if you are able to pay the price. Pistoleers can also find quite a bit of work available to those willing to trade shots.

Unfortunately for the local residents, Depot 66 has some serious concerns beyond who is in charge of the town. The Gully Dog bandits have taken over the nearby Dundy Cavern and the mining station. They are well numbered and have unknown intentions for the area. The Judges are not so secret about what they plan to do, but that doesn't make it easier to get rid of them. Lastly, the Traveler enemy is the Lightbearers, whom have been poking their noses into the events of Depot 66. What this may mean is unclear as of yet.

Depot 66 offers quite a bit of resources with a local PVP area called Fort Forgotten being littered with tons of nature and scavenge spots. If harvesting animals is your thing, then you will be happy to know that there are loads of prairie chickens and scorpions to take on. Last but not least, Dundy Cavern has a good amount of scrap coal for the miners out there.