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Locations - Highway Bridge

The name fits this settlement very well, although not original, Highway Bridge is in fact located ontop of a highway bridge in the Embry Commonwealth. The prominent family of the area is the Goat Family and the land nearby is used for cattle grazing. It's not the big money maker most people might be after, but its a living. Highway Bridge is easy to miss considering how small it is, but if your interested in the latest in Cow Bungie Jumping, then its a place you cannot pass up. Be warned however, their happens to be a Troll under the bridge, literally.


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Brief Background

If you happen to be passing through and don't mind making a few chips on the side, then talk to the locals for employment. Brenda Sweeney, who happens to work as a script supervisor for the theatre troupe Act Surprised, has come across a problem and needs help. Feel free to lend a hand to Daniel and Thomas Goat as well. Lastly, Henry Squayle is sick of the meager profits to be had in Highway Bridge and is looking to build a Bungie Jumping Business with his cow, Moopie. Don't worry Vistas, now actual cows were harmed in the presentation of this act, not yet at least.

The local area is not as peaceful as it once was and now Gully Dogs are starting to swarm the area. They are likely coming down from Hotel Nevada looking for more locations to move in on. The residents of Highway Bridge don't stand a chance, but are determined to put up a fight. With barricades and fortifications in place, they are looking for a hand in taking on the Gully Dog Boss who goes by the name 'Troll'. How fitting since the town is a bridge and it has a Troll under it... right? Nevermind, just kill this pest and the townsfolk will be sure to reward you for your efforts if you survive.

When your not killing Gully Dogs for sport, there is some useful resources at your disposal. Burning Cacti are pretty abundant and their is the occassional Bright Eye Weed to harvest. If natural resources aren't your thing, then head down the valley and you'll run across Trash Valley. Unfortunately, this resource filled trash heap is packed with some extra tough nasties, so you may want to bring a friend or three.