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Locations - Linewood

At one point in time, Linewood was a manufacturing town for LifeNet. It was where the massive machines used for cloning and other technologies were built. This has turned the town into a massive target for the local raider group called Gaunt's Raiders. Upon finding out what Linewood was used for and what still remains in the massive warehouses and factories, Casta decided that he would take over the town and ship the parts he needs for his current project out of Linewood and into Kingman Prison. There is talk of defying the raiders, but the townsfolk for the most part are too scared to make a stand. With some outside help and encouragement, they just might try a revolt, but timing is crucial, because if they fail, many more innocent lives will be lost.


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Brief Background

Before the raiders took over, Archie Walters was the man in charge of Linewood. He is still considered the man to talk with as well as Colin Meebs and Jimmy Edmond. Some of the other inhabitants are more worried about lesser concerns, like where the next bottle of booze is going to come from. If you so desire, there is Sidney Vega, an Enforcer trapped in one of the basements in town, and he may be able to turn the tide if the townsfolk try to strike back and reclaim their home. Tread lightly though, an execution squad is always at the ready to teach the residents of Linewood what happens when someone steps out of line.

As if the raiders weren't enough of a problem for the people of Linewood, the town also happens to be surrounded by hostile Sandworms, so escape is merely a suicidal alternative to captivity. There are some other beasties nearby, like the roach infested home of the Bug Man and his insectoid companion Mr. B. There are also some concerns about strange happenings at the nearby storehouse that has Colin Meebs all worked up. So with that in mind, if you plan on traveling to Linewood, be sure to bring plenty of gear and ammo, you'll need it.

What with the raiders controlling the town and the hostile wildlife in the area, those not eager for combat may still want to take the risk of coming to Linewood. There are some resource rich areas worth looking into. If looting the deceased is your thing, then you've come to the right place. There are bodies scattered all around the town and the outskirts from when the raiders moved in. Word is out that some of the junk around Linewood also contains special books of value to the Archive Coalition, so don't pass up what may be curious debris, you may find some useful valuables in all that trash. Finally, as mentioned earlier, all that wildlife makes for a great catch if your the hunting type, so get out there and skin some hides.