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Locations - Lower Toro Valley

The region known as the Lower Toro Valley is not quite as empty as one might expect at first. This area has a small cluster of settlements and farms, some hostile and some not so hostile. There are three main places worth visiting if your looking for friendly faces. The first is Manor LeTupac, home to some peaceful chicken farmers. Dunsinane Tunnel, which is a small settlement established to keep the trade route of the Toro Highway safe between Pass Chris and Trailer Park. Lastly, there is Geaumont Farm, home to a rather unusual family of country folk. There is also the Geaumont Watchtower, the Abandoned Medical Facility, and the PvP Zone called Road's End.


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Brief Background

These humble parts can be worthwhile for clones in need of some extra chips. The LeTupacs and Geaumonts may not like each other, but each of them offer some work if you can stand the smell of chickens and Wolf Meat Stew. The guardians of the Dunsinane Tunnel are also working on ridding the areas of the Night Wolf menace that insist on harassing the traders the travel the Toro Highway. Be sure to lend a hand or two if you can, these folks can use the help.

If your seeking a more hostile adventure, then you have quite a few places worth checking out. There are two mining towns that can be explored, each with their own mine network filled with nasties. There is also the abandoned medical facility and the abandoned hotel that can be worth exploring. Then if Judges, Night Wolves, Survivalists, and Rotters aren't enough, head down to Road's End, a PvP Zone filled with Throwbacks and the ocassional clone worth tagging for deathtoll.

The two mining towns are great places to scavenge junk and mine metallic resources. They also have a few treasure nodes worth looting if you can survive long enough to reach them. The Abandoned Medical Facility also contains a good amount of scavenge nodes, Medical Supplies, Corpses, and some treasure nodes as well. There is also plenty of lizards for hunters to stuff their packs with hides from.

Note: Go to the Trailer Park Points of Interest Page for exact locations in Lower Toro Valley.