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Locations - Missile Silo

The Missile Silo is located on High Point, not too far from Watchtower. It is a military compound that houses pre-Fall nuclear warheads. The CoGs that have started to infest the plateau regions see this place as the key to their salvation, believes that releasing the nuclear warheads as a way to unleash the "Purifying Fire". There are sightings of Shiva's Favored in the area as well, possibly working with the CoGs. Deep inside Missile Silo is an intelligent computer that also beckons to travelers looking for help, but who will answer its call?


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Brief Background

When you arrive at Missile Silo, it is adviced to speak with the Enforcers near the northeastern edge of town. They have some work for anyone brave enough to enter the main silo entrance. If you venture into the entrance, be sure to speak with Enoch. He is a Shiva's Favored and get an idea of some of the details of his people. They are larger and more ambitious than most give them credit for. Once in the compound, be sure to see what NORSEC is up to, it is the local A.I. that is being assaulted by TETRAX. If TETRAX gets control of the nuclear warheads, then bye bye Grand Canyon.

Missile Silo is a very hostile place and travelling in groups may be a good idea for many. The surface is surrounded by hostile creatures, but once you descend into the depths, it is filled to the brim with crazy machine worshipping CoGs that would like nothing more than to graft your flesh to random piece of equipment. So travel with your weapons drawn and be prepared for bloodshed, this is no picnic.

Missile Silo has a few treasure nodes in the depths of the compound for those seeking riches. The surface is also packed with junk to sift through and has one of the greatest concentrations of junked cars in the plateau. Scavengers will never run out of loot to stow away from a trip to Missile Silo. Other than that, besides the lack of descent mining and nature clusters in the immediate area, hunters and poachers will find quite a healthy population of insects and wolves to profit from.