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Locations - Mowbray

The folks in Mowbray are living on borrowed time. With Pinkston recently invaded by the Judges, Mowbray is the next town on the list for takeover. This has the town in a panic. Emergency measures are being taken to ensure that the citizens of Mowbray have a fighting chance. Those unable have already begun fleeing south to the Mowbray Basin Refugee Town or Coppermine. While these preparations are being made, the locals are also trying to aid the refugees of Pinkston and make an effort to spoil the Judges's plans. It is a warzone and anyone insane enough to travel this far north into Mowbray Basin will find themselves caught right in the middle.


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Brief Background

Mowbray is the last line of defense for the Pinkston refugees and folks like Stanford Wells and Ned Snellman will be in need of your services with their plans to cause as much trouble as possible for the imposing Judges in the local area. It won't be easy taking on the Judges, but Rachal Tan and a few others are willing to do whatever it takes to survive in the Mowbray Basin. Just be mindful that if Mowbray fails, then Coppermine is going to become a hell of a lot busier than it is already. Mowbray must withstand the assault!

The obvious and most serious threat to Mowbray and the entire Mowbray Basin is the righteous Judges that have been springing up camp and small towns all over the place. With the takeover of Pinkston, they now have a legit town under their command and they are determined to make their way south until they have control over the entire region. Oddly enough, it seems that all of this is in an effort to collect relics, or the remains of the original Judges that have been buried in this part of the plateau. Besides the constant threat of the Judges, the Coppermaw Sandworms and giant insects are not making things easier for the inhabitants of the region.

This region has been picked pretty clean of useful scavenge, but determined treasure hunters will find a few small stashes still intact. Miners and naturalist will have an equally difficult time scoring big, but there are some pockets of life for the nature minded gatherers and the Judge Cave has plenty of minerals for those willing to get a bit dirty. Hunters have giant insects in abundance in these parts, as well as Coppermaw Sandworms to keep them busy.