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Locations - Mowbray Basin Refugee Town

The area of Mowbray Basin is caught up in a religious war with the Judges, a war that was not asked for by the residents of the area, but a war that must be fought nonetheless. Up north, Pinkston has been overrun, creating a flood of refugees that have taken flight to the southern lands. Those able have made for Coppermine, but the rest that decided to leave have taken refuge in the Mowbray Basin Refugee Town. It is here that the residents have taken up new lives and are trying to simply survive despite the looming threat that the Judges pose on the area. Be warned if you so choose to travel into this region, the locals desperately need help and the Judges will do everything in their power to undermine the help that is given.


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Brief Background

If you are passing through the Mowbray Basin region, take a moment to lend a hand to the poor refugees that have fled from Pinkston and made home in the Mowbray Basin Refugee Town. They have various tasks that they need help with, like rebuilding the local LifeNet Station, or warding off Judges and Blight Wolves, even the ocassional message that needs delivering. So take a moment to chat with the locals like Jack Pan and Esther Tan over at the LifeNet Pod, each offering a few missions to the passing collarneck that has a moment to spare.

Judges are the most prominent threat these people face, but some of the lesser known enemies of the Mowbray Basin Refugee Town are the wild creatures that roam nearby. Blight Wolves have moved into the hills on the east of town and make the escape up the plateau a treacherous task. Coppermaw Sandworms live to the west and will swallow any unsuspecting meatsack in a blink of an eye, even though they don't have eyes...

If your looking for resources, then there are some scattered piles of scrap and garbage to sift through. Miners had better go to the hills since this particular area is not well stocked with mineral deposits. Those looking for a nature nodes will find that the town is actually very abundant with White Sap Cacti, so have at it before the Judges pick the place clean. Hunters can find plenty of the above mentioned Blight Wolves and Coppermaw Sandworms to fuel their leather gathering. The Coppermaw Sandworms in particular also drop Rusty Nuts and Bolts that count as Scrap Copper, so that may be useful for some and kind of makes up for the lack of geologic nodes in the immediate area.