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Locations - Mumford

Mumford is a very unique place to visit and may seem all nice and cozy when you first arrive, but there is quite a bit of turmoil under its skin. The town was originally founded by Judge Elliot Mann who is willing to tell his story to anyone who will visit his church. One of the most unique features of Mumford is the crash zone where two hunks of a satellite are now the main drive that brings people here. The desire to salvage the satellite debris has created a war amongst Mercury Reynolds and Jon Dawkins. Only time will tell who is left standing at the end to finally lay claim to the wreakage.


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Brief Background

Mumford is certainly an interesting place to be. The founder is a Judge and he has been busy spreading the word to build upon his congregation. You will have to choose wisely if you deal with him or else pay the penalty. There are a lot of paths to choose here, so when working with or for someone, think ahead about what you hope to accomplish and check into the rewards to see what is a better fit for you. It's a great place to be if you like having a choice though and there are lots of scenarios like working for the law or the criminal or helping the lightbearers or the travelers and so on.

The strange thing about Mumford is that with all the internal fighting going on, it's easy to forget the outside influences like the Blade Dancer force that is building a massive base of operations not too far from town. They have been launching attacks on the salvage crews of the satellite debris and are definitely investing heavy resources here for some hidden purpose.

Mumford has some redeeming features if the strife becomes too much to handle. There is an abundance of satellite debris and crater weed to harvest as well plenty of wildlife running around the outskirts. A bit south of town is a good place to stake a claim to since it has quite a bit of scavenging spots. Just keep your distance from Jaggd's Cohorts, they seem a little shifty.