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Locations - Murder Hole

Murder Hole, what more needs to be said about a place with a name like that? It is safe to say that the name is correct, this is dangerous place for the gullible and misguided. Each of the six factions have a camp here and the nearby tunnel that gives the town its name is a PvP area with a a hill filled with precious scavengeables. Clones kill for each and every scrap they can find and the local factions thrive off of it, providing payment for the Scrap Steel, Scrap Plastic, and Weak Healing Accelerant that can be found in abundance on the hill near the tunnel. Tread lightly if you want to be safe, tread heavily if you want to be rich.


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Brief Background

Each of the six factions are represented in Murder Hole. Sly Renard runs the Traveler camp and is in need of Weak Healing Accelerant. Charok runs the CHOTA camp and needs Scrap Steel. Ophelia Stone of the Vistas is looking for Scrap Plastic. Loris Phelps from the Lightbearers desires Weak Healing Accelerant. The Enforcers, represented by Sergeant Waits, needs Scrap Steel. Lastly, Eugene Poindexter of the Techs needs Scrap Plastic. Each of these representatives would like to persuade you in helping their cause, but if you have the goods and the need for Biscuits and chips, then feel free to help out all of them if you so choose. One more thing too, the Observer south of Murder Hole is looking for someone to take on a job that requires going into Hoffa Bunker.

Murder Hole shares nearby ground with Trailer Park and thus shares common enemies like Judges and coyotes and wolves. Despite that, the nearby tunnel and scrap piled hill along the northeast edge of town is a PvP zone and thus watching out for fellow clones will be a necessity as well as Throwbacks, Cockroachs, and Toro Lashpetals. It is not a peaceful place, but would it be called Murder Hole if it was?

If you have come to Murder Hole for resources, then you are in luck. The PvP Zone near town is one of the best sources in the plateau for Scrap Plastic. It also competes near the top for Scrap Steel and Weak Healing Accelerant. Although the nodes in this PvP Zone are level 30 scrap and refuse, they are in fact special nodes that drop only these three tradeskill components. The Toro Lashpetals also drop Weak Healing Accelerant everytime. So get moving to Murder Hole if your running low on any of these three resources, just make sure to be ready for a quick trip to the local LifeNet Pod if you get too greedy.