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Locations - Murphy Refugee Camp

Murphy has no doubt seen better days. It was once a fairly peaceful place to live until the Night Wolf Bandits attacked in broad daylight and killed anyone that resisted. These scum of the earth have now taken over in Murphy and the surviving residents have fled into the nearby hills and created the Murphy Refugee Camp. There is still unfinished business here and those willing to lend a hand will find it well received and rewarded.


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Brief Background

Despite getting tossed from their homes, their family members and loved ones slaughtered, and their worldly possessions stolen, the refugees of Murphy have not given up hope. The Falkenbergs as well as some of the other survivors are calling out for aid, willing to pay those who help with a few chips. Some of the ideas being tossed around include poisoning the water supply, but that may not be the best idea if the refugees plan to reinhabit the town. A few others simply want to move on and will ask that you spread the word of their situation.

As one would expect, the area is littered with Night Wolves. They have taken the town and also roam some of the local areas, including a base camp with a mine that is now under their control. Throwbacks are a common sight around here as well, why exactly has yet to be discovered. Not far from the Murphy Refugee Camp is a CoG camp for those looking to kick some ass against those calculator worshipping fools. As for the wildlife, coyotes and wolves are plentiful and will not hesistate to take a bite out of you if your not careful.

Most of the resources found in the area are scattered, but a few clusters of scavengeable junk can be found. Mining types can find the usual in mineral deposits, plus some higher quality coal deposits. Nature lovers will find a variety of plants scattered here and there, but not too many in abundance. If hunting is more your style, then the coyotes and wolves are a great source of leather if you can live long enough to skin them.