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Locations - Needle Eye

Upon a first look at Needle Eye, you may be fooled into thinking this town is a peaceful farming community. It does have some very successful farms and rich soil for the crops grown here, but under the surface lies a twisted secret. If you happen to speak with Garmin Mosser, you will find out that they have been applying growth hormones to the crop fields. This has had an unintended side effect and now the local flora and fauna has begun to mutate out of control. The source is the old bunker on the hill just outside of town. Most folks won't even dare go near it, but some people in town have made the journey and have yet to return. In their absence, massive swarms of refugees, driven out of Old Kingman by Casta Gaunt, have been filling the shanty town on the doorstep of Needle Eye. The locals are having a hard time supporting these new inhabitants and the food supplies are starting to run low. Tensions are rising and conflict is about to spill over the gates and into the streets of Needle Eye. To make matters worse, Gaunt's Raiders have followed the refugees and are now planning a massive attack on the town.


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Brief Background

Harrison Giles is the man in control of Needle Eye and has been having a difficult time trying to come up with a solution to the refugee problem. With food supplies running low and the raiders ready to attack the town, he is in dire need of help. Making his decisions even more difficult is the fact that he is a long time friend of the refugee leader, Fred Cassidy. At first, Fred Cassidy may not seem all to enthusiastic about the situation his people face, but with some help, he believes they may be able to stop the raiders from finishing them off. The other major concern for the refugees is what to do with the kidnapping going on at night. Throwbacks from the bunker have been reported to take living prisoners back to the bunker. Soft whispers mention that they are being fattened up like lambs for the slaughter, but what does all that mean? Venturing into the bunker is the only way to find out.

The main threats to the people of Needle Eye are the raiders and Throwbacks, but the local animals have also been growing out of control from the supposed growth hormones stowed away inside the bunker. Even the rats that terrorize the farm lands are becoming increasingly aggressive. Plants and fungi have been reported to take on new forms and have been attacking those not careful enough to notice the threat until its too late. Not far from the town, where the raiders are building up their forces, it is reported that White Crow operatives may be in their ranks, which can only be bad for the townsfolk. A massive conflict is inevitable.

The scavenger and harvester types may want to shy away from Needle Eye, but the profits to be had here are too much to pass up. The farms produce some of the largest grain stocks in the entire province and the timber field near the town is a great source of logs. There are reports of mender ferns nearby as well, possibly due to the growth hormones seeping into the soil. Besides the natural resources, Needle Eye littered with junked metal and junked tech. Most of the residents are so concerned with food shortages and impending doom, that a capitalistic mind will likely make a killing without even firing a shot unless they plan to harvest from the wildlife. If that is the case, then be sure to help clear the mutant fungi near the bunker, they have unique chemical compounds worth a small fortune to the eager hunter.