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Locations - New Toro Power Station

New Toro Power Station has many dark secrets and a detailed history. It was originally a LifeNet emergency power facility and backup system for the Plateau. After the Fall, it was vacated until the Night Wolves, led at the time by Casta Gaunt, re-discovered it once Alec Masters was killed at Hoover Dam. They got the power running and gained an upper hand over the local militias. With the help of the White Crow, Casta started gathering LifeNet technology and they began testing plague bombs. Argus was the test subject in New Toro and was deemed to have no visible side effects. This was when things changed and Casta was overthrown by a mutant uprising. Casta fled and the mutants have since controlled the power station with the remaining Night Wolves and other human prisoners being forced to keep the station running. These are trying times and you are being called upon to put an end to this mutant army once and for all.


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Brief Background

With such a rich power source in the New Toro Power Station, it is no wonder that the main factions are interested in taking it for themselves. The Night Wolves are merely pawns, but a few are working on changing that, especially Slade Vicious. Others have come to the station to rescue their imprisoned family members and are willing to pay handsome rewards to those that can help out. On top of all the drama, there is even some treasure hunting going on since the mutants freely trade valuable trinkets and such for food. Wealth is there to be had if you can survive the mutant grip tightly placed on the area.

The main force that you will encounter is the mutants that come in many varieties, from workers to slavers. There are even some powerful types that may be the results of volatile testing performed by the White Crow in the earlier days, which have spawned Overlords and Slavemasters, both quite nasty combatants. Outside of the station, the might of the mutant army is ever present, spanning much of the roadway leading to the complex. With all these mutants everywhere, it is no surprise that there is barely any other signs of life around.

If you can survive the roadway to the New Toro Power Station, then you will walk away a rich scavenger. Since the mutants have little use for the garbage littering the roadside, there is quite a bit of treasure in their trash. This is the main attraction of the area for resource collectors. Natural, geologic, and biologic harvesters will have better luck in some of the outskirt regions however.