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Locations - Oilville

Oilville is primarily a Tech town made out of the remnants of an old industrial complex snuggled into the middle of a rock outcrop. It's full of life, both good and bad, and has a lot to offer visitors. Some of the locals lurking in the outskirts seem to have more sinister plans for Oilville, but a contingent of Enforcers are present to protect the town from a full scale invasion. The Vista and Lightbearer types may not appreciate the misuse of the environment and the greed that dwells under the surface, but there is no hiding the plentiful resources found scattered all around the area and thus the growth of Oilville shall continue.


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Brief Background

Oilville has quite a lot going for it, but there is plenty of turmoil taking place all around. Those looking for work can find themselves useful to Magadhi Chandra found at the Science Facility. She is quite busy dealing with local affairs such as the local Gully Dogs that have been raising hell as of late. Peyton Cleary is also an important figure worth speaking to in regards to the local fears surrounding the growing threat posed by TETRAX. Included in this endevour is the local doctor, Pat Haskins, who has his hands full and is in need of help.

Although the Enforcers are busy protecting the town from Gully Dog invasions, there is much more dangers that roam the nearby wasteland surrounding Oilville. There is the usual wildlife that will not hesitate to enjoy a tasty clone snack, then there are the bizarre CoGs and the fanatical Judges, and even crazed mutants and their pet blight wolves. If that wasn't enough, there is a nearby Thunder Plains crawling with hostile ants and giant sandworms just waiting to swallow the next wanderer. You have been warned, so make sure to come well armored and heavily armed.

The scavenging types looking for raw materials and left over debris from the old world will find that the area around Oilville is swarming with untold riches. There may not be an over-abundance of natural and geological resources, but the scrap, refuse, junked metal, etc. that covers the land will likely be more than one can manage anyway. The hunters out there will find the local wildlife can definitely provide a great source of income as well, so if you can survive, then you can make your fortune at Oilville with just a little bit of sweat, blood, and tears.