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Locations - Old Kingman

Old Kingman is definitely one of the largest towns in the Grand Canyon Province, but unfortunately, half of the town is a hostile haven for Gaunt's Raiders. There is a constant war going on as the citizens of Old Kingman fight in desperation to hold onto the half of the town that is still theirs. On top of the plateau next to the town is the main base of operations for the raiders. Casta Gaunt obviously saw the strategic advantages to taking over Kingman Prison for use as his base. It is heavily fortified and crawling with bloodthirtsy raider scum. Deep in the bowels of the prison, Casta is said to be working on a secret project that requires thousands of LifeNet parts. Rumors even suggest that he is working on a cloning station and making copies of himself, but these rumors are entirely concrete and that is why you must venture into the heart of Kingman Prison to end the conflict going on in the streets of Old Kingman. The whole region is counting on you!


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Brief Background

Due to the severity of the conflict in Old Kingman, each of the six factions has representatives located within the city. Some are focused on the defenses, others on the local casualties of the conflict, and then you have the Travelers that are worried about the only thing that really matters to them... their chip count. The Bankers and Franklin's Riders also have problems of the own, so they may call upon wanderers to stop in and lend a hand. Jay Lovell has word on the CoG's and Chuck Sherman is the man to go to if you have questions about the White Crow, who have been reportedly helping Casta lately. On top of that, word is out that their is an underground resistance working to remove Casta and they are looking for able-bodied clones to help them.

Turmoil has struck the town and turned it into a warzone, which the battle hardened clone may find as a great opportunity. The Kingman Prison is the main hub for the raiders and can be quite a challenge to anyone foolish enough to wander in alone. Be advised, call upon your fellow clones for help, together you stand a chance. Besides the raiders, the town has been noticing a growing problem with rotters flooding in from the local outbreak in Rest Stop. Since they have picked that town pretty clean, they have moved on towards Old Kingman in search of fresh blood. Besides that, there is the usual wildlife, most creepers and coyotes, but the raiders are the primary threat in Old Kingman.

Since the northern half of the town has fallen to raider hands, that part of town is slowly falling apart. This is not all bad for the scavenging types though, making the area a prime target for resource gathering, although a dangerous place to say the least. The outskirts of Old Kingman are not well suited for the unsual miner & natural harvesters, but hunters will find some creeper colonies around the west of town. For the most part though, Old Kingman has been picked fairly clean, but some riches can be found if you look hard enough, like the Survivalist Camp to the southwest, so give it a shot and see what's out there.