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Locations - Pass Chris

Pass Chris was founded by the Fournier family who came from Pass Christian in Mississippi. The town is for the most part doing fairly well, but there are some serious threats going on here. With the recent takeover of Murphy, many refugees have fled to Pass Chris. The Night Wolves are likely getting ready to make a move on the town, but they have some competition. Jacob Method is charged with protecting Pass Chris and is at odds with Tommy Smalls who feels he isn't taking the best interest of the town into account. It is not a place for casual tourists, but a brave clone may find Pass Chris a worthwhile place to stop in at.


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Brief Background

While in Pass Chris, be sure to help Tommy Smalls and Jacob Method. For your troubles, you will be rewarded with the valuable ATV knowledge. They are not the only folks that need help though. Manny Wakefield needs help with the tunnel up north, but his wife doesn't want him working on an empty stomach. Sheriff Cat Tanner is also quite occupied with the local White Crow. It is not an easy task, but she will need help discovering what their purpose is in these parts. There are many others in need of help, like Tom Hawksong who just can't seem to built his ATV like he wants, oh well, you'll just have to keep bringing him those much needed supplies.

As for the dangers in the area, Pass Chris has the Night Wolf controlled town of Murphy at its doorstep. There are also plenty of Throwbacks in the hills, hermit crabs in the trash fields to the south, and wolves and coyotes along the roadways. There is also a group of White Crow and CoGs in the area, the CoGs most noted for kidnapping some of the citizens at night and doing unthinkable acts to them at their camp to the southeast. So take care when in Pass Chris and when travelling to and from, there is danger around every corner.

If you have come to Pass Chris for scavenging, then you are in luck. The fields to the south and southwest are strewn with valuables. You'll have to survive the overly aggressive hermit crabs and other threats, but it is very much worth it. Mining minded individuals will find that the area has some extra useful coal deposits mixed in with some of the usual geologic mining deposits. Naturalists will have a much more difficult time making the best use of their time, but there are a couple spots with water cacti and cotton plants. Trappers and hunters can make a hefty profit from the abundance of hermit crabs, wolves, and coyotes in the area, just don't get yourself killed before you can cash in.