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Locations - Pinkston

Pinkston is a shell of its former self. A town once enjoying life on the edge of the Mowbray Basin has since become a place of death and despair. It all started when a Judge called the 'Messenger' showed up one day. A few days later, the Judges attacked during the night and killed a bunch of townsfolk. The next day, a recruiter came to town and warned them that if they did not follow him they would die. He was not lieing. The day following was the end of Pinkston as we know it. The Judges took the town by force, killing anyone unwilling to join them or unable to escape. Now the few remaining survivors have built a survivors camp on the edge of the plateau and desperately need help or else...


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Brief Background

Pinkston is no longer as it once was. The actual town is run by the Judges with only a few of the original inhabitants still alive within it. The townsfolk that haven't died or fled out of the area, have instead setup a last ditch camp on the edge of the plateau. Mink Pearl, Roger Portman, and Solomon Trout are in need of help defending their camps, while Allisa Bryant tries to derive a plan to weaken the Judges in Pinkston. These are desperate times which call for desperate measures.

Pinkston currently has only one main threat, the Judges that have taken control of the town and threaten to exterminate the remaining survivors that have formed a makeshift camp on the outskirts. The Judges have some of their higher ranking figures in the area and are working on finishing off the survivors once and for all. It is only a matter of time before they finish what they started.

Don't expect much if you come to Pinkston for resources. The current situation has left the town a warzone and the land has been picked pretty clean of most of its resources. With that being said, there are still some useful scraps to be found if you look hard enough. Even some mining and natural resources may be found in the neighboring Mowbray area. As for hunting, the only other living things found in the area are the giant insects that inhabit the outskirts, there is little else of value in this dead land.