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Locations - Rawson Farm

The Rawson family are actually refugees from the Judge infested town of Pinkston. Despite being called a farm, the local crops have withered and disappeared and all that really remains now is the two story house that the Rawson's now call home. They are small pickings and that's probably why the Judges have not slaughtered them yet, but the Rawson's have some problems of a different kind now. Will you be the answer they've been looking for?


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Brief Background

Dane and Tonya Rawson have moved into the previously abandoned farmhouse on the edge of the radiation zone and are likely too small a concern for the local Judge army to bother with them. This has given the Rawson's a chance to begin rebuilding their lives. Unfortunately, they are not alone. A swarm of scorpions have taken residence nearby and threaten to eliminate what little hopes the Rawson's have of starting over after the massacre at Pinkston. If they can get some help, they may be able to remove this new threat and get back to peacefully struggling to survive off the land.

The main threat in this small area comes from the scorpions that are slowly encroaching on the Rawson Farm. They are growing in numbers and Dane Rawson has need of thinning their numbers down. Not far from the farm, the nearby hills are abundant with Hydra Weeds, which may actually be the answer to the problem the Rawson's are having with the scorpions. Also, not far from the farm, there is a Judge Town that has a massive cave complex for the adventurous types, containing roaches, creepers, and a small army of Judges to tangle with.

Resource hunters need not avoid this area entirely. There are some scavenge nodes scattered about as well as some plants to harvest. Biologic resources can be attained from the scorpions and weeds in the area, but the main treasure in this small area is located within the cave centered within the nearby Judge Town. This cave has tons of iron and above average copper deposits, plus a bunch of critters to harvest, and most importantly a stockpile of valuable crates that simply cannot be passed up.