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Locations - Road's End

There are two towns in S1 that go by the name of Road's End. One of them is in Lower Toro Valley and is merely a rubble heap with Throwbacks climbing all over it in a PvP zone. The second is this one, located near The Oasis. It is a brutal place that has been overrun by the Shiva's Favored. They came in and killed everyone they could. The Yates family survived, but the head of the family has since been corrupted and mutated to suit the will of the Shiva's Favored in the area. It is now more of a fortress instead of a town, not very welcoming. The few survivors have setup a camp not far from the town and are calling on assistance to get some much needed revenge.


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Brief Background

Arnando Pasada has a few tasks that need completing in his efforts to seek revenge on the Shiva's Favored that have taken over Road's End. First and foremost, he wants blood, which is expected since his family was brutally murdered. After that, there is the issue with toxic waste that the Shiva's Favored are transporting into the town. There is also the problem with Yates, the survivor turned mutant. Finally, when all is said and done, Arnando would like for his family to be put to rest in a respectable grave. It's not easy work, but it is self-rewarding when considering what these poor folks have been through.

Road's End is a very hostile place for anyone passing through. Be sure to have a full stock of ammo and some consumables to keep you going, because the Shiva's Favored that have taken control of the town have no desire to let it go without a fight to the death. There is also a formidable force of them to contend with, so pack some extra rounds just in case.

Despite being a slaughterhouse, Road's End is not all blood and guts. It is not a goldmine by any means either, but scavengers can find that the remains of the dead townsfolk may provide some much needed resources. There is also some scrap and debris that may be worth looking through. The abandoned gas station to the north also has some junked cars worth searching. Other than that, you'll want to travel a little bit for greener pastures.