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Locations - Simsonville

Named after its founder, Christopher Simson, Simsonville is far from a place you want to visit just to check out the scenery. The town was originally created as a mining camp to collect the abundant resources found in the area, but for an unknown reason, the town has been overrun by a massive force of brutal Throwbacks. These beastly mutants can barely speak and don't really care to either. They will smash apart anyone not of their bizarre race and now control the town of Simsonville. Most of the survivors have fled to safer locations and some of the brave few that stayed now live in a small camp on the outskirts of the town.


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Brief Background

Jim Mabry and a few remaining survivors have a camp on the outskirts of Simsonville and are willing to employ the help of anyone able to aid them. When they were viciously attacked without warning, those that survived left all of their possessions behind and would like someone brave enough, or crazy enough for that matter, to retrieve some of their worldly goods. So if you want to lend a hand, then pay these poor souls a visit.

What with the recent attack leaving the town filled with deadly Throwbacks, one may forget that these mutated warriors are not the only threat in the area. The residents of Odenville can attest that the Salvager Fortress is a very dangerous place, but it is very close to Simsonville which makes it a good hub for raiding parties and the like. There are also lots of wild insects and prairie chickens for the hunt to the south.

Since Simsonville was originally built to mine the minerals that scatter the local area, those in need of resources may find the area suitable for their needs. The monorail track to the south is also littered with scrap and junk that may contain some useful bits of metal and such. Just be careful, the area is hostile and the wildlife may prove dangerous, although quite harvestable if thats what your looking for.