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Locations - South Burb

The town of South Burb is mostly run by the Vistas these days since they came in and helped teach the locals how to farm and live off the land. The Fincher family has also grown in importance to the survival of the town, despite what the Vistas may think. The Finchers have opened up the local mine and are bringing a lot of resources to the hands of the crafters and traders taking residence in South Burb.


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Brief Background

South Burb is definitely one of the best places for a newly spawned meatsack to get their hands busy with crafting. Lots of the South Burb residents can use some help and are willing to reward that help with a wealth of knowledge covering nearly every tradeskill. The Vistas are definitely pitching in on the knowledge sharing, providing cooking and medicine related missions and rewards. The Finchers have some geology related skills to share and could really use a hand in the mine.

Even though it is relatively peaceful in South Burb, there is some serious issues that need tending to. The Fincher Mine has been overrun lately by creepers, some nice and friendly, some not so much. The reopening of the mine has also displaced a large colony of giant ants that are in search of a new home. Elsewhere, the local threat of the Survivalists is growing with a camp not far to the south. They have a mean temper if you get to close, although the woodcutters may be too busy to care that you exist. Lastly, what would a southern region town be without a local Blade Dancer problem? Don't answer that, just be sure to kill as many as you can.

As would be expected, a strong base town for trade and crafting also has a lot of great resource gathering spots too. South of town where the survivalist woodcutters are working, there is loads of scrap wood and natural plantlife to gather. If your looking for animals to harvest then your going to be well off in South Burb since they have one of the healthiest wildlife populations this side of the radiation zone. On the geologic side of things, the Fincher mine is a great place to get some scrap coal and scrap copper if you can manage with the random creeper chewing your leg off.