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Locations - Spider Hill

Park Hill Electric, or more commonly known as Spider Hill, is not a place to be if eight-legged fuzz covered insects are something you fear. All arachnophobes can stay away or face their greatest fears, because not only is this town infested with these creepy crawlers, they have mutated to gigantic sizes, some as big as a pickup truck. There is reason to believe that they were dormant in the offices below Park Hill Electric until a band of wanderers headed to Sunshine Corners stopped in. They turned on the electricity to activate the gas pumps but the capacitors on the main conduit caused a massive vibration deep within the ground. This set off the spider hordes and now the town is caught in a web of terror.


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Brief Background

Ever since the Ramsey's turned on the power, the town has become something out of a horror story. Besides the usual attempts to fend of the spiders, the locals will reward you with valuable gas cards if you help them deal with their some gruesome tasks. The spiders will lay eggs in their bite victims and thus those bodies must be cleansed. You will also be asked to rescue stranded survivors as well as hunt the Broodmothers for the their scent glands. Deep underneath the town is an office complex which you will have to explore in order to help save the people on the surface.

If it hasn't become obvious, Spider Hill has one main threat, spiders... These are no ordinary spiders though, some are hunters and others are workers. Some have even developed the ability to turn electrical current into a weapon that will stun anyone caught in the shock area. To top it off, Broodmothers wander the outskirts, guarded by swarms of little babies that pack a vicious bite when you have ten or more chopping at you. It ain't easy living in Spider Hill, but the temptation of endless gas supplies is just too much to pass up.

With all the chaos, it can be easy to miss the resources that can be found in the area. Scrap and debris are fairly plentiful as are the corpses of spider bite victims. Further north, there are a few spots for natural and mineral resources, but not enough worth mentioning. Hunters fueling a crafting habit can actually do quite well of the spiders that drop harvestable goods. Plus the spider webs and diluted spider venom works was as weak adhesives and mild toxins.