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Locations - Terance

If your looking for that nice and quiet town that is just perfect for raising a family, then you really picked a bad place. Terance may have lots of vacant housing and residents that won't be bothered by your presence, but that is because most of the townsfolk have been brutally slaughtered by the massive emergence of Diggers from the old LifeNet Bunker. The cold and calculating TETRAX created this army as a defense mechanism to prevent the outside world from manipulating it. In the end, this is all because of a man named Jacob Phillips and his desperate attempt to resurrect his wife.


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Brief Background

Since the mass slaughter of the townsfolk, those still alive are in desperate need of your help and will pay handsomely for it. Jacob Phillips is the cause of the problems and he has left a mess like no other. You'll be busy searching for clues as to what he did, investigating the LifeNet Bunker where the swarms of braindead Diggers are coming from, and having quite a lovely time working for a homicidal A.I. It's all in a days work in Terance.

As if the Digger swarm killing nearly everyone in town wasn't enough, Jacob Phillips had to up the ante by hiring a small army of Gully Dog bandits to aid him in uncovering the LifeNet Bunker he was using to recreate his wife. Other than bandits and zombies, there is also a settlement of mutants and blight wolves nestled up in the Mutant Junkyard. If you're looking for something less intense, then take a shot at the local wildlife which surprising hasn't been wiped out yet.

It's easy to get combat hungry in Terance, but crafters can find some useful spots to make a profit on the side. The Mutant Junkyard is a great place to scavenge scrap, refuse, and junked metal. There are also some good locations to harvest natural resources as well. Lastly, be sure to snag as many scrap gears as you can while in the LifeNet Bunker.