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Locations - The Oasis

The Oasis is a vital stopping place for travelers of the Plateau-Northfields Wastes. It is mainly run by the Franklin's Riders that provide shelter and food for people and horses that pass through. The Bankers also have a stake in the town, using it as a secure resting stop for their high-security shipments of chips. With a heavy band of guards, its hard to imagine that the town is being squeezed from two local bands of thugs, the Canyon Crawlers from the south and the Tale's End Crew to the north. If you're passing through on a trip between sectors, you may as well stop in and give the locals a hand.


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Brief Background

Dale Brighton has recently taken over as the Postmaster of The Oasis and has some work for anyone willing to stop in. The previous Postmaster is Kelly Stillman who is now head of the Riders' Escort Division. She is focused mostly on the local threats posed by the two nearby gangs of thugs. Her husband is Javier Stillman and he is in need of help as well with mending the Riders' packs, feeding the horses, and repairing the uniforms. To top it off, the local Bankers also have work for any able-bodied clones, so go collect that meal ticket.

The Oasis is a diamond in the rough, providing a tempting place for the local ruffians to invade with such a large chip storage in the Vault Warehouse. It's rumored that the two gangs are even starting to work together. Besides the nearby threats, there is also a growing presence of Judges not too far from The Oasis. Of further interest is the local ghost towns swarming with Rotters and Infected, not to mention the White Crow Fortress not too far south.

The local area is also teaming with resources and materials for crafters. Of note is the large number of junked cars scattering the roadsides to and from The Oasis. These treasure heaps are not the only thing of value out here either. Nature harvesters will be glad to know that there is a massive field of fruit yielding better than normal returns compared to what is usually found in the Plateau. Miners need not go far if they want to mine the Mineral Deposits near The Oasis which count as Weak Geologic Chemicals. Lastly, the Needletooth Lizards are a great source of meat and leather for poachers and hunters.