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Locations - Trailer Park

Contrary to popular belief, Trailer Park is not a bunch of rednecks in modular trailers... It's a bunch of rednecks in tractor trailers, or more correctly called Shipping Containers. The feel of the town is quite clear, with 3 names for everyone except the social outcasts, Trailer Park takes it to a whole new level. Stop in if you have time though, the town is actually in desperate need of help. The Van Kirks and the Galloways are at war and the local Hoffa Bunker contains many mysteries that need solving, its a perfect recipe for adventure.


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Brief Background

Once you arrive here, besides the overwhelming local atmoshpere, you'll want to speak with Thelma Jo Wheeler. She is very well versed in the local politics regarding the Van Kirk & Galloway feud that has been going on for years. Staying out of the feud will be very difficult, but may prove profitable if you can stay alive long enough to reap the rewards. Sawbones McGee is also in need of assistance. He is the local doctor as the folks in Trailer Park like to call him. Once your ready for some real action, take a group into the Hoffa Bunker, some of the focal mysteries of your being can be answered here, so it is must for any clones seeking knowledge about their own existence.

The town of Trailer Park has plenty to be watchful for if combat is your thing. The local wildlife will chew you up and spit you out if your not careful. The surrounding area is teaming with lizards, stinkbugs, creepers, and wild dogs that won't think twice about tearing off a chunk for themselves. Judges are also a pest in these parts, so it'll do some good to wipe them from the area when you have time. Near the Hoffa Bunker, a small army of Throwbacks have taken to calling this place home, so watch out for flying cinder blocks when you travel near here.

Resource collectors may be slightly disappointed in the area since the scavenging isn't too good, neither is the mining, but those in need of raw honeycomb will find more than they need to the east of Trailer Park. Also, the nearby Murder Hole has some ripe pickings, same with Dish Field to the north, and Road's End far south. These three areas are all PvP zones though, so be careful. If your after biologic treasures, then Trailer Park is a great place to hunt lizards, insects, and canines.