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Locations - Trumbull

Trumbull has been seeing quite a lot of attention lately after the New Toro Power Station was discovered. All six of the factions have settled into the area, as well as Night Wolves, White Crow, and an army of mutants. The folks caught in the middle are torn with multitudes of decisions as to who to trust and what is in store for their once peaceful town. With the mutants now controlling New Toro and the Night Wolves and White Crow working with them, the Techs and Enforcers have been working on plans to take over the power supply for their own use while claiming to be doing the area a favor. Lightbearers and Travelers are at it as usual and the Vistas and CHOTA are waiting to make their moves in the meantime. Who will you help and what will come of Trumbull when the dust settles?


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Brief Background

One of the first things that will stand out to a visitor of Trumbull is the segmented neighborhoods. If you're an adventurous and helpful type with no specific faction alignment, then feel free to visit each of the camps and sections and lend a hand. You will be faced with choices though, so choose wisely who your friends are and who your enemies will be. While your at it, stop by the local LifeNet Pod and visit one of the Grahams. You may very well improve your chances of survival if you do.

This area is pretty hostile, and we're not just talking about the ocassional CHOTA attack on the Enforcer camp, but the outskirts are heavily patrolled by the Night Wolves. To make matters worse, the mutant army is expanding and encroaching on the city limits. If that isn't enough, even the local Prairie Chickens and Hydra Weeds are invading the town's boundaries, making everyone watch their step as they travel between the camps and the town center. Be alert at all times is the best advice.

For those seeking riches in the trash heaps of the wasteland, then this is a great place to scavenge. Not far from the town is a mutant infested scrap yard filled with Barrels, Barrel, Oil Barrels, Gas Can, & Jerry Can. Then you have Barrow's Exchange which is quite well supplied with valuable debris to sift through. There is an abundance of Grain and Blood Cacti in the region for the nature hunters. For the miners, Coal and Silver Deposits can yield hefty returns. Creature hunters will find quite a gathering of wildlife not far from town consisting of over a hundred Blood Rabbits, Wild Dogs, Mutant Chickens, and Coyotes.