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The settlement known these days as Watchtower started out as a an outpost called Watchtower 3 for GlobalTac, which was a paramilitary subsidiary of GlobalTech. The local mine was at one point used by GlobalTac as an arsenal. Once the Fall destroyed the old world, Watchtower has since become a home for Techs and Enforcer minded individuals and acts as a major trade route between the upper and lower regions of the plateau. Some of its inhabitants are also rumored to have been at the Hoover Dam before Masters got overthrown, so keep a watchful eye for any supicious activities while passing through this seemingly orderly town.


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Brief Background

If you're looking to keep busy for awhile, then Watchtower will have you staying for quite some time. Janice, John, Erin, & Doc are said to be the main leaders in town, so feel free to hit them up for the next paying job. The local sandworms, Night Wolves, and issues with the mine will make sure to keep you on your toes, literally. Also, with recent implications that the town's local trade routes are being sabotaged, you just might find yourself caught up in a problem that is bigger than it may seem on the surface of it all.

Watchtower has some tough locals that make living on the outskirts near impossible. Night Wolves have made it their business to cause trouble at every chance they can. Sandworms are spreading like wildfire, nearly destroying the local mine. To top it off, the local Throwbacks, who were once less active, are now all sturred up and causing quite a lot of pain and suffering for anyone unlucky enough to run into them unprepared.

Scavenging types will find quite a bit of junk in some of the local areas of Watchtower. The outskirts of the plateau is plentiful with mineral deposits as are the GlobalTac mine and Reyes Mine. If natural resources are more your thing, then northeast of Watchtower, near the main sandworm grounds, has tons of natural plants growing in abundance. The hunter types will be quite busy dealing with Sandworms and some of the other scattered wildlife in the area.