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Locations - Zanesville

Zanesville is run by the Enforcers and is more of a military installation than a town. They are more than willing to train new recruits with rifle and pistol skills and have a need for brave souls to help protect the town from growing threats of invasion. Sergeant Baskins, Sergeant Calhoun, and Cal Thosian are some of the key figureheads that are working very hard to make sure the people of Zanesville remain safe. Too bad someone has been poisoning the food supply and speculations led to one of their own.


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Brief Background

What with all the threats of invasion and a plot to poison to townspeople, Zanesville will be a busy place for any able-bodied clone to pass through. Grab your zip gun and crossbow because the militant Enforcers are going to put you through a crash course on how to use these weapons. There is also Doctor March that will call upon your services. So much to do, so little time.

Most of time you are in Zanesville, you will notice the constant watch for attack. The town is under fire on both ends. The Survivalists have taken the lower north section of town and are torturing any Enforcers that wander into their neighborhood. Gully Dog bandits have taken another segment a bit west as well as a section on the lower plains to the east and plan to gain more. Then the airport to the southwest is overrun with Traveler Thugs and they may be the greatest threat yet.

Resource minded individuals will come accross a lot of scavenged materials that can be turned in to Jamie Chambers for ragged bandages. Then there is a good amount of natural plants and cacti to be had near the prairie chickens by Guzman's Hideout. This isn't a great town for scavenging, but there is a lot of animals for the killing if scavenging them is your thing.