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New Toro Takeover Event

Brief Event Stats:

5 Raid Groups
Dozens of Clans
9 Sponsors
Over 40 Items given away as prizes & gifts (Including mounts & vehicles)
100's of clones in attendance
1000's of bullets used
Lasted nearly 6 hours (pre-gathering at 7pm EST until final goodbyes around 1am EST)


What an amazing turnout, some report over 130 clones in attendance!

Original Event Summary: One of our data collectors has been kidnapped! We're not at liberty to disclose the exact details of the capture, but one thing is certain, we must find our imprisoned clone before Argus and the mutant army at New Toro Power Station get the intel they are looking for. We also have reason to believe that the Night Wolves and even the White Crow have a hand to play in all of this. We are calling on all able-bodied clones in the region to aid us in our task to takeover New Toro and rescue our operative.


A view from the local rooftop as clones gathered for the event.

Part 1.1: Reports came into the headquarters at the Broken Future Collective that one of their operatives by the name of Ven Detta had been kidnapped. We couldn't let this go unanswered. A distress signal was sent throughout the Grand Canyon Province, a call to aid, and hundreds of clones answered in a true show of unity.

The gathering place was the Trumbull Vault Tent. Food and drinks were handed out as the masses rolled in. We wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. Battle parties were formed, alliances forged, and the massive army of clones began to descend upon the New Toro Power Station where Ven Detta was said to be held prisoner by Argus and his legion of mutants.


The clone army descended into the valley of the New Toro Power Station.

Part 1.2: We arrived at the New Toro Power Station enmass, a stream of horses, atv's, motorcyles, dune buggies, and interceptors cluttering the hillside. We were determined and neither Argus or his army of mutants were going to stop us. Ven Detta was kept inside, being tortured or worse. We had to rescue his and retrieve the valuable files he was supposed to deliver to Dale Brighton in The Oasis.

Our only fear was that were too late. We prepped for battle and the final orders were given. Leave none alive, they would show us no mercy and thus we gave none. It was with this that the horde of clones made their way into the New Toro Power Station. We had to rescue Ven Detta from these filthy mutant, no matter the cost.


The Battle of New Toro began as we charged full force into the Power Station.

Part 1.3: With guns blazing, cudgels weilded, and battle cries echoing throughout the Power Station, we charged in with full force, unsure of what we may find. We tore through the twisted mutants like a hot knife through butter. It was mayhem and bloodshed. It was glorious.

The search for Ven Detta took us into the deepest pits of this slave infested mutant stinkhole. We encountered various atrocities of mutant scum, slavemasters, and even Argus himself. He didn't stand a chance. Utop to rafters of the main chamber we climbed and the body of Ven Detta we found. He was lifeless, but one of our top medical staff resuscitated him back to consciousness. He was out of sorts, only concern with his mission and disgraced that he had failed. I for one was thankful for his efforts and we escorted him topside where he debriefed us of the situation.


We poured back onto the surface with Ven Detta in our presence.

Part 1.4: Despite all the torture, Ven Detta gave nothing to the mutants. His only loss was that of the precious files he was to deliver to The Oasis. Before he fell to the vicious beatings of the Mutant Overlords, he was able to overhear Argus order the files to be delivered to the White Crow via a Night Wolf Courier. This was the lead we needed, the files would not be lost for long.

We gathered up and devised a plan. The White Crow Fortress we in the Plateau-Northfields Wastes. It was quite a journey and we needed to refuel before we took off for the files. We decided on Spider Hill. It was rumored to contain an endless well of the precious juice needed to run our machines of transport. It was a necessary detour to supply our army, and so we made way for Spider Hill, unaware of the monstrosities that awaited us.


We rode off to Spider Hill in need of fuel.

Part 2.1: Although we lost the files, we gained back our trusted operative, Ven Detta. It was a morale boost and we were confident that nothing would stop us now, until we looked at our fuel gauges. We set out for Spider Hill and spoke with Lou-Ellen, curator of the gas pumps. She informed us that we needed Snail Gas Cards in order to make the juice flow.

Several dead spiders later, we returned with the cards Lou-Ellen had requested, but to our dismay, the pumps were not working. She blamed a computer underneath Park Hill Electric. It had become infested with these overgrown spiders and the Monstrous Brood Queen was filling the place with webbing and spiderlings. It must have damaged the computer system and the only way we were going to get our fuel was to go down there. We had no choice, the spider infested complex was our next challenge.


The Monstrous Brood Queen was easy pickings for the massive army of clones.

Part 2.2: We ventured deep into the cave network. It was crawling, literally, with hundreds of biting pests. We cleared the pathways of these vicious spiders and entered the undergound office complex underneath Park Hill Electric. It was covered in webbing and skittering with deadly spiders. We had no choice but to push on. Eventually we came face to fang with the Monstrous Brood Queen. She was displeased to say the least. Not long after, she was also dead.

With the spider menance dealt with, we made way to the computer room. It was thick with webs, the cause of its malfunctioning. It needed cleaning and a chip replacement. Shortly after, we were back in business. It was time to collect our precious juice and get back to the task at hand. We needed to race towards the White Crow Fortress and reacquire the stolen files. With full tanks of gas, we set out on the empty stretch of road that led into the Plateau-Northfields Wastes. It was a sight to behold.


The army of clones took to the highway, eager to face the White Crow Battalion.

Part 2.3: With fuel and feed for the long journey, we raced off in pursuit of the Night Wolf Courier. He would be long ahead of us and probably reach his destination before we could catch up, but we knew where he has going and that gave us reason to push on. We would succeed in saving the Grand Canyon Province, we just had to. Far more than we could imagine was at stake.

The night wore down our backs until we saw the tower in the distance. We had reached our destination. The White Crow must've been expecting us, because before most of us could dismount or exit our vehicles, a rain of lead poured down on us. It was a bloodbath filled with terror. The army of clones showed no fear, however, and marched methodically into the fortress, dropping any snivelling White Crow forces that got in our way. We ascended the massive tower in the center of the compound until we reached the top. Ven Detta was with us and took the lead in searching for the files. His smile warmed my heart, he had found the files and all was not lost.


We stormed the fortress, leaving none alive. We had to get those files back.

Part 2.4: Given the increased threat within the province, we decided that even with the files in our possession once again, we would escort Ven Detta to deliver them to Dale Brighton at The Oasis. He understood the need for increased protection and nodded in approval. We cleaned our boots of White Crow blood and made our exit from the smouldering remains of the fortress.

We took off, knowing that our journey was nearly completed. We all needed a rest and The Oasis would be the perfect place to tend to our needs. We had wounded soldiers, tired steads, and weak muscles, a rest would do us good. With that said, a rest would have to wait. Once we delivered the files to Dale Brighton, a massive celebration broke out and the army of clones took off their heavy armors and loosened up their belts for drinking, banter, and the sharing of loot from the adventure. It was a joyous event of goodwill and laughter, dancing and debauchery, and good old fashioned trivia.


Let the good times roll!

Part 3.1: As the night grew old, legs tired from dancing, and stomachs filled with booze, a call was made to us from Dale Brighton. He apparently had a problem and I couldn't turn down the call to aid. At this point, many hours later, a good chunk of our force was retiring for the evening. What could Dale possibly want with us now?

Dale was not himself, sweat trickling down his face. He was perplexed about something and spoke with a stutter to his voice. His concern was that of a scout that the Franklin's Riders had placed near Newton. The scout was responsible for checking into the local harassment of riders in the area and Dale hadn't heard from her in many hours. he was worried and asked us to check in on her. Knowing that my trusty force of clones had been hard at work all hours into the night, I asked them if they would be willing to continue on. The response was impressive, a massive unified assurance that I would not be alone on this. We cut the party short and took off for the Newton Hotel where Dale said the scout was stationed. We would find her, I was sure of it.


We set back out on another adventure.

Part 3.2: We arrived at the Newton Hotel expecting to be greeted by the scout Dale was so worried about. We were definitely greeted, but by a town swarming in Infected that wanted nothing more than to chew our faces off. Time was against us, the scout had to be somewhere nearby. Sadly, she was, but only as a corpse at this point. She was killed, but not by a rotted remnant of a clone. Boot tracks lead away from here towards an Ominous Factory off in the distance.

When we arrived at the factory, we were met with blank stares from the guards of this well defended complex. We knew we were outmatched, even with a massive army of clones, but our resolve would not be stamped out so easily. So of our rank infiltrated the fortifications of the factory and we surrounded the guards at the main gate. We would negotiate with the barrels of our guns if need be. Just when I thought all hell was going to break loose, the guard receive a scribbled piece of paper from a technician and then handed it to me. It was from the Head Operator of the factory. He wanted us to leave, but understood we wanted answers first. He informed us that the scout we wanted to avenge was killed not by his people, but by a marauder that fled towards a town in the northwest, the town of Brightview.


Brightview was not a welcoming place, but we didn't care, we needed answers.

Part 3.3: Brightview was an eyesore if I'd ever seen one. This town is nothing more than a skeleton of its pre-Fall self, charred and littered with Infected and Rotters. It was not a ghost town, but a death town. We would have to move quick if we were to survive in such a hostile place. We began to sweep the town, block by block, until we encountered a lone Traveler who had setup a temporary camp in the area, possibly making his presence known thinking we would be good business.

We didn't hesitate, we surrounded the merchant with weapons at the ready. He stood by his code of honor and offered up the information we requested, but for a price. So of our group was growing impatient and I didn't need the Travelers coming down on us for blasting one of their own, so we negotiated. I was quite pleased with his answer, the man we sought, the murderer of the scout, was a member of the Devil's Own. Some within our group knew of these vile raiders and informed us that the Devil's Own had a ambush camp not far from Brightview. The murderer we sought had to be there.


With disregard to our own safety, we stormed the Devil's Own ambush camp.

Part 3.4: The camp was a short distance away. We arrived with guns blazing and melee weapons swinging. One by one the vile raiders fell. We decimated their ranks and began searching for the man we came for. He would pay for his crime and justice would be served. The man we sought was here, hiding like a rat inside one of the decayed buildings in the camp. He cowered at our presence, fearful of our vengeance, knowing all to well that we would show no mercy. We lined up like a firing squad and ended his wretched life... or so we thought.

It turned out this was no ordinary bandit, but he was a clone that wore no collar. Questions raced through our minds as to how this could be. It was fruitless, we needed to tell someone of higher authority so that word could get out. We packed up our things and made for Sunshine Corners and informed the local bankers of the situation. It was out of our hands now, all that we could do was retired at the nearby bunker bar and... party!

This was the final leg of our eventful night. We took a load off and enjoyed each others company. There was drinking, dancing, gambling, laughter, and prizes to be had. Some of the members of our group even walked away with new weapons, armor, consumables, ammo, as well as a new mount and vehicle to thank them for their contributions. We all served the Grand Canyon Province this night and we upheld that even if we belong to seperate factions and warring clans, we were all clones in the end and that is a comforting thought when I close my eyes at night.

Until next we meet, take care and do the clone thing!


From the Broken Future Collective, we sincerely appreciate everyone that helped with this event!

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Also, check out this awesome slideshow of event photos courtesy of Darn Quack

Event video courtesy of Rothkur

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Full Size Images

Event Gathering at Trumbull

Storming the White Crow Fortress

Party at The Oasis

Ominous Negotiation by Gunpoint

Traveler at Brightview: Part 1

Traveler at Brightview: Part 2

Special Thanks To: Everyone that took time out of their FE schedules to attend!

Staff & Promotional:
Tricia Jenkins (PixiStix) for helping promote the event
Radash (GM) for helping players in need throughout the night
Heero (Lagwar's FE Podcast) for giving us a shoutout on the podcast

Event Contributors:
Ven Detta - Main Character for the RP Storyline & Leader of Raid Group #5
Thor Oakshield - Leader of Raid Group #2
Dulce Esperanza - Leader of Raid Group #3
Fixx - Leader of Raid Group #4
Claypan - 'Eyes of the Wasteland' as the Event Photographer
Darn Quack - Provided a massive collection of photos from the night
Rothkur - Creator of the event video

Event Sponsors:
Arnuk Vong (Most Donations)
Chris Westwood - Legends of the Fall
Denys Aurouris - Suspicious Cheese
Rebbeca - Tesla Industries
Winston Buttercup - RiSE
Libby Orlin - CARGO CULT
Bull Fox - Black Knight Brotherhood
Kayna Coren - Suspicious Cheese
Aeri Aria

Trivia Winners:
Kuu (Most correct answers & won the Grand Prize of the Explorer ATV Key!)
Ned Telluride (Won the runner-up prize, the Long Distance Runner Bridle!)
Chrysis Kazaa (Won the Serendipity Prize, a Crimson Mask!)
Fred Robert
Bull Fox
Alicia Sol
Darc Cloud

Note: My apologies for any typos of names, email me at if corrections are needed. Also, there are so many people that helped, we apologize if your name was not mentioned, but we truly appreciate everything you did, our sincerest thanks!