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Represent: Chaos
Core Views: Civilization destroyed humanity, so the Children will destroy Civilization.
Allied with: Travelers & Vistas
Archenemy: Enforcers
Enemies of: Techs & Lightbearers
Teach: Melee, Armor Use, Athletics, Dodge, Mutagenics, Weaponry, Armorcraft, Patho-Transmission, Thermal Control, Primal, and Enhancement.
Ranks: Child / Tribesman / Anarchist / Warrior / Ravager

The CHOTA (Children of the Apocalypse) were nothing more than small roaming bands of survivors who couldn't cope with the changes around them. They despise technology and destroy whatever they come across. For a long time, the CHOTA were easily defeated by the other factions because of their inability to organize and use their main strength, numbers, but that all changed when the great warlord Redhand appealed their desire for destruction and conquest. He united them and took advantage of their core strengths which are large numbers, mutations, and ferocity. Despite having a leader, their fractured society has continued to plague their ability to truly dominate. With that in mind, they are still a fearsome force with many mutants in their ranks as a result of their extensive exposure to the Shiva Virus and radiation. They also lack proper weapons and armor, using whatever they scavenge, their ferocity more than makes up for it as they are powerful fighters and very effective in combat.

There are many tribes within the CHOTA, most of which control a single settlement. Some are larger, encompassing several camps, and those tribes normally grow through integration of the conquered. Groups within the CHOTA, such as the Slaughter Kings and the Spirit Seers, hold a wide variety of beliefs and practices. Most CHOTA settlements have members of conflicting sects amongst them. Each tribe has its won leader, usually referred to as "Warchief". These leaders are created through their alpha dominance over rivals. There is only one person with influence over all of the CHOTA tribes and that is Redhand, leader of the CHOTA Revolt on the Hoover Dam. Redhand leads his own tribe, and other tribes give his words due consideration, but even he doesn't have complete control over them.

The CHOTA are archenemies with the Enforcers because they embody everything that the CHOTA hate by trying to create and rebuild the Old World. Since the Techs fear the CHOTA and their motives, they supply the Enforcers instead of fighting the CHOTA directly. As a result, CHOTA members attack Techs whenever they meet. Lightbearers do not like the CHOTA motives, but feel they are not worth the effort of an all out war.

The Travelers and the CHOTA have an agreement of sorts. The Travelers supply the CHOTA with non-tech items and the CHOTA sometimes offer security when needed. This arrangement has been made possible because of the Orphans, a Traveler family that shares many of the same cultural norms as the CHOTA. Vistas on the other hand are like the caregivers of the CHOTA. They supply them with food and resources in exchange for protection. These two groups believe in very similar ideals and their alliance has grown to be a strong one.