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Enforcers Enforcers


Represent: Order
Core Views: Law and order must be maintained at all costs.
Allied with: Techs & Lightbearers
Archenemy: CHOTA
Enemies of: Travelers & Vistas
Teach: Rifle, Pistol, Group Tactics, Armor Use, Dodge, Suppression, Ballistics, Armorcraft, and Science.
Ranks: Recruit / Trainee / Enforcer / Corporal / Sergeant

The Enforcers have a belief that they are the only way the shattered world will be restored to its former glory of law and order. The faction was formed by remnants of military units, local law enforcement, and other keepers of order. They have a dark history of brutality and are constantly being scrutinized by survivors in the wastes. Despite this reputation, their influence and resources continually attract new recruits. They are also known as extreme combatants with rigorous training exercises and highly advanced weaponry and armor.

After the loss of Alec Masters, the Enforcers have turned to Colonel Elizabeth Pryce as their guiding influence through her commanding presence. She has brought together the fractured remnants of the faction and reaffirmed their goals. Even with her leadership and the faction returning to power, many higher ranking members have begun sharing concerns about miscommunication and unreliable intelligence, fearing the faction may once again fall. Some within the faction even see Pryce as a traitor when she left the Dam after Alec Masters took control. She was disgusted with his treatment of civilians, his obsession with mutations, and his attack on the Monastery. She currently spends most of her time in "Masters' Folly", leaving only for important missions. She tends to the logistical needs of the faction and has become frustrated with the lack of progress being made to bring order to the region. She has begun considering more drastic measures.

The Enforcers hate the CHOTA for their love of chaos and their destruction of the Hoover Dam. Since the CHOTA are seen as the primary threat to establishing order in the region, it is common for bounties to be placed on the heads of CHOTA leaders. Travelers are also seen as a threat since many criminals make up their ranks. Vistas are a lesser threat, but their help of the CHOTA make them a target as well.

The Techs and the Enforcers get along very well. They exchange equipment and supplies for protection. There are also rumors that the Techs provide Enforcers with mutation-inducing technology. Lightbearers and Enforcers have a less stable relationship. Ever since the attack on the Monastery by Alec Masters, Lightbearers have been skeptics of the Enforcers treatment of fellow humans. However, they tolerate the Enforcer leader Colonel Elizabeth Pryce and trade food and medicine to the Enforcers in exchange for protection of their temples.