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Just a few months back, the mention of Blade Dancers would make some folks think of dancing knife jugglers and the vast majority would simply not know or care who you were talking about. Those who knew the name would likely laugh at the thought of this joke of a gang. This is no longer the case. Something has changed within this rapidly expanding gang and people now cringe in fear at the thought of Blade Dancers in their area.

Within a short time of mere months, the Blade Dancers have multiplied out of control and now cover much of the Westreach and Embry Commonwealth. They are even reported to be taking the fight to the CHOTA who are not doing so well against this new threat. Despite the growth spurt, the Blade Dancers have much better organization and leadership than in the past. They are hitting up the weaknesses of their enemies and locking down strongholds within the southern regions of the Plateau.

They have a controlling interest in this area, slowly moving in on the remaining settlements that dare fight them off. They have been able to take over the Bramby Mine at Clinton FARM, searching it vigorously. In the process, they are contaminating the soil and poisoning the citizens on the surface with toxic fumes. They have base camps outside of Boneclaw, Midway, South Burb, and Mumford, getting ready for attacks on those towns. In North Burb, they have gone as far as to poison the local food supply, causing a massive outbreak. Rumors say that this outbreak is the idea of Thaddeus Cerny, a member of the Shiva's Favored who reportedly have been a major influence to the Blade Dancers and their notorious leader, Loki.

Loki is the son of Sister Kenyon, a Lightbearer from North Burb. His real name is Timothy and he too was a Lightbearer under the training of Brother Quentin. Deep inside Timothy was a rage that grew beyond his control, inherited from his mutant father. He knew little of his father and even less about his rage and how to control it. It consumed him until one day he turned on Brother Quentin and killed him. After this tragic event, he fled North Burb and took on the name of Loki, the name of a norse god from the stories he was told as a child.

To complicate the situation, Loki has been meeting strangers from outside the sector and possibly outside the province. It is believed they are Shiva's Favored like Thaddeus Cerny. They come from the wastes and it is unclear exactly what they want with the province. However, they have been working with Loki, who is also possibly a Shiva's Favored, a connection that may be from his mutant father.

With the help of his allies and his extremely intense rage fueling his ambitions, Loki became the leader of the Blade Dancers and built a massive headquarters at what is now called Junk Fortress. It is built ontop of an old GlobalTech bunker. The very few that have survived long enough to scout its position, report that it is packed with Blade Dancers and that they have training facilities and even high-tech equipment, like computers.

Junk Fortress was built north of Embry Crossroads and is a prime hub to launch raids on the caravans that come and go from the capital. With a growing list of enemies as a result of the caravan attacks, assassination attempts and fortress raids are in the works to put down the mutant leader of the Blade Dancers and stop their unyielding harassment of the southern regions of the Plateau. Only time will tell if they can be stopped.