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CoGs have been nothing short of a menace throughout the Grand Canyon Province. They are extremists that believe machines and technology are living beings. They worship pre-Fall devices as beings of glorified powers. The have several sub-sects, each with their own views on how the pre-Fall technology should be worshipped and cared for.

To understand them better, it might be best to discuss some of their history and ideals. First off, CoG stands for "Cleric of Gates". Gates is said to be the power of God. Non-believers argue that Gates was in fact an icon from the pre-Fall days for his technological prowess. Whichever you believe, the CoGs are firm believers that they must take the future of the province into their own hands, and some of the sub-sects are more determined than others to see their plans come to fruition.

The lower plateau is home to their street preachers, called Speakers of the Net. They fill the ears of potential converts with words of eternal life provided by "He who dwells beneath", also referred to as the Net. The Net is where their commands come from, the source of all their wisdom. The Net is their name for NORSEC. NORSEC is an A.I. program which was designed as a backup system to NORAD. NORSEC is "He who dwells beneath", the One, the Ancient, the Holy. The CoGs worship and obey NORSEC. This A.I. is located at the bottom of a defunct iron mine quite a distance away from High Point, efforts to locate it are still underway.

The name Cetralalt is sacred amongst the CoGs, for he is the one that originally found NORSEC and taught the others to fear and worship it. His methods of teaching were far from usual, for he used mind-altering gases to brainwash most of the CoGs. With his great influence over his followers and the power of NORSEC at his fingertips, Cetralalt began to take actions that will potentially reshape the entire region.

If you have ever spoken with a Speaker of the Net, you will likely hear chatter about "Gleaming Halls" and the wonders of the "Divine Technology". These are references to the CoG headquarters in the Plateau, a place in High Point that many call Missile Silo. Contained within are live nuclear warheads, what the CoGs call the "Guns of Heaven". The CoGs plan to use them on the rest of the populace to create the "Purifying Fire". This will most certainly lead to the second apocalypse. Many fear the CoGs are also not alone in this task. Rumors are spreading fast that Shiva's Favored and TETRAX are aiding the CoGs in this pursuit of cleansing the Grand Canyon Province.

The CoGs have smaller groups within their twisted religion as well. There are the Found, the Scattered, the Quaestors, the Truthseekers, and the Milsec Guard to name a few. It is believed that the Quaestors and the Truthseekers are mainly the initiators of new CoGs and guardians of Cetralalt, thus very little is really known about them.

The Milsec Guard are the militant part of the CoGs with very powerful firearms at their disposal. They can almost pass as somewhat normal, but they are strong in their beliefs and operate like a secret society. If you are recruited by the Milsec Guard, you get sent to NORSEC where you will be shown the Truth of He Who Dwells Beneath. Then your soul is weighed on the altar before High Priest Cetralalt, tested and scourged by Quaestors, and then plumbed and probed by Truthseekers.

The Scattered are much more disorganized than the rest of the CoGs. They think that machinery is living, but asleep. They have chants and rituals to wake it up. They also rebuild machinery into monstrosities to make it even more alive and pray for the day that they will awaken elder spirits in old technology. The Scattered are considered the more extreme of the CoGs, for example Brother Torg and Brother Sirk grafted human organs to a piece of farm equipment out in the Grainway as a way to help bring more life to the machine.

The Found are the least popular group among the CoGs, but they do get along with the Scattered. This group is different from the others in that they think that the real god is LifeNet. The rest of the CoGs disagree and the Found have to keep their heads low to avoid trouble. Some say this group is most threatening as well because the Found are much more serious about the 'Purifying Fire' and are currently trying with all their power to see it happen. They think the Purifying Fire will kill everyone but themselves.

With so much going on in the wasteland, it is not easy keeping tabs on who needs to be watched more so than the other, but if half of what we have logged in our reports are true, the CoGs pose a truly frightening threat to the entire Grand Canyon Province and action will need to be taken soon. It is only a matter of time before they figure out how to launch the nukes in Missile Silo and then all our efforts to rebuild will have been for nothing. Decisive action must be taken, the CoGs cannot be allowed to complete their goals if the human race is to strive in these lands.