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Before the Fall, the world communicated through many popular methods. One that has stood the test of time and nuclear fallout is the postal service. The delivery of good old fashioned hand-written letters brings a personal touch communication between loved ones, co-workers, and complete psycho-paths bent on dominating the last scraps of humanity. Despite losing what civilization we had, the post still arrives as it once did by means of the Franklin's Riders.

This dedicated group of postal carriers derive their inspiration from a man named Joseph Franklin. He is now the stuff of legends, glorified in many ways by the current organizers of the Franklin's Riders. After the Fall, Joseph Franklin was one of the few brave souls that still managed to keep the vital flow of information alive. Amidst the dangers found throughout the Province, Joseph Franklin became heralded for delivering mail to the outlying settlements in Northfields and Kaibab Forest where no one else would dare go to deliver correspondence. This elevated him to the most famous of all the postmen.

With his motivation, the restored postal service adopted the new name of the Franklin's Riders and began opening postal centers in nearly every town in the Grand Canyon. They also keep true to their forefathers of the Pony Express using only horses to deliver the mail. Their goal is to restore the communication needed to build on the new civilization within the Province.

Although it may seem like things are moving along nicely, the Franklin's Riders have been a major target for nefarious groups throughout the wasteland. Down in Odenville, there is a gang that has gone as far as to impersonate the postal carriers, stealing uniforms and packages from legitimate riders. The Oilville branch has had issues with Simon Littlejohn and his gang. At Embry Crossroads, an unknown force is ambushing the trainee groups and making it near impossible for the local office to expand as needed.

These recent events have caused the Franklin's Riders create the Riders' Escort Division (R.E.D.), a group of combat trained riders. The previous Postmaster in The Oasis, Kelly Stillman, now runs the new Escort Division. moving Dale Brighton up to the Postmaster position. They are in the infancy stages with this new division, but it has promise and with the help of committed clones, they have high expectations.

As expected with all the security issues popping up for the riders, they have beefed up their forces at The Oasis. This town was setup at an abandoned gas station that is located between the Plateau and Northfields. It is run by both the Franklin's Riders and Bankers respectively and serves as a rest area for travelers coming and going between the two sectors. It provides shelter and food for people and horses that come through and has pack mending, feed for the horses, and uniform repairs for the riders.

With what the Franklin's Riders have been able to accomplish thus far, there are still grave dangers that lurk in the shadows for them further north. Word is out that someone is stopping Riders throughout Northfields and searching them, even taking packages. The party responsible for these actions has yet to be identified. This has fear and speculation running rampant and the future for the riders is uncertain. Something big is on the horizon, so all clones and riders are being put on high alert until more intel can be gathered.